Extremist pastor claims the death of an LGBT+ lawyer from coronavirus was ‘God’s judgement’

Rick Wiles says LGBT lawyer's coronavirus death was 'God's judgement'

The extremist pastor and evangelical radio host Rick Wiles is celebrating the coronavirus death of a prominent LGBT+ lawyer as “God’s judgement”.

Richard Weber Jr, 57, was a member of the LGBT Bar Association of New York. He dedicated his life to fighting on behalf of LGBT+ people, often working pro bono.

He tragically died just two days after reassuring people that he was recovering from the virus. He is described by colleagues as “a loving, kind and caring human being who gave generously of his legal talents and his energy to the LGBT+ community”.

As tributes poured in from those who loved him, the virulent anti-Semitebigot and conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles saw an opportunity to shamelessly make light of the tragedy.

Speaking on his far-right conspiracy show TruNews, Wiles declared that Weber’s death was a sign of God’s judgment and proof that the coronavirus outbreak is an End Times plague sent by God.

“[Weber] was a senior lawyer for the LGBT Bar Association of New York,” Wiles said.

“The lawyers who sue churches, the lawyers who sue ministries… one of their senior lawyers for the gay rights movement died today in New York City of the coronavirus.

“There is a judgment, I’m telling you, a plague is underway. Get under the blood of Jesus Christ. Do not be in opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ and his church!”

Clutching a bible in his hands, Wiles continued: “I don’t care who criticises me, I don’t care who mocks me, there is a plague underway.

“There is a death angel across the world, and your only safety is in Christ. Get inside Christ.”

Wiles, whose previous coronavirus commentary includes blaming the outbreak on transgender children and “sexual immorality”, seems to have forgotten that bigoted Christians like himself are just as much at risk from the virus as anyone else.

He also believes that trans people exist as part of a “Zionist plot” to make humanity androgynous and destroy society as we know it.