Right-wing minister claims being trans is a Jewish plot to make humanity androgynous

Rick Wiles: Minister claims being trans is a Jewish plot to end humanity

A right-wing minister Rick Wiles has claimed that being trans is a “Zionist plot” that will destroy humanity as we know it.

Uh, sure, Jan.

This is the latest anti-LGBT+ salvos by evangelical Wiles after he said that the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is somehow caused by trans children.

Right Wing Watch reported on last Wednesday’s edition of the program TruNews.

Messianic Jewish folk Steve and Jana Ben-Nun of Israeli News Live trafficked in similar anti-LGBT+ attitudes to Riles on the show; Jana and Wiles discussed the conspiracy that trans folk are “putting specific things” in food and water to make the world “androgynous”.


What happened?

The strand of the Jewish faith states that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and that salvation comes only from accepting him as your saviour.

Jana spewed out hurtful, unvarnished stereotypes on the show: “They want to get Gentile riches, and they want to run the Gentiles.

“They don’t consider Gentiles [to be] fully human beings.”

Moreover, Jana later explained that the “endgame” is to remake humanity in the image of Adam.

Rick Wiles, self-proclaimed “citizen reporter” and host of TruNews. (Right Wing Watch)

In the Haggadah, a sacred text recited at the Seder on the first two nights of the Jewish Passover, it states that Adam was androgynous.

Adam “wasn’t male or female, he was made male and female in one body, and this is why you see the transgender agenda today”.

The comment prompted Wiles to ask: “Is the transgender movement get its origin in Zionism?”

Oh, boy.

Jana responded with a resounding: “Yes.

“It gets its origin in Zionism, and it gets its origin in the Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah.

“It’s a Kabbalahistic doctrine of Adam Kadmon. They have this doctrine called Tikkun Olam – repairing the world – so how do they want to repair the world.

“They want to bring [humanity] to the original.

“Who was original? Adam, he was androgynous.

“So now they’re putting specific things in food, in drink, and basically their end game is to make humans on Earth that will survive – whatever it is they are bringing – androgynous.”

“What they are really trying to do is undo God’s creation,” Wiles said.

“They are at odds with the Creator.”

In other words, the pair claimed that trans folk are conspiring to make people androgynous, like Adam, a creation of God, which is apparently an affront to God because it goes against his creation, which was Adam, who was androgynous.


Rick Wiles: Wuhan coronavirus is God ‘purging’ trans children. 

The pastor’s claim comes after he blamed COVID-19 on the “vile, disgusting people” who are “transgenderising little children”.

Speaking on TruNews, Wiles said: “Spirit bears witness that this is a genuine plague that is coming upon the earth, and God is about to purge a lot of sin off this planet.”

The morality rate of the coronavirus strain had hurtled towards the 2,000 mark across the last week, but, Chinese health officials said, has since levelled off and stalled to around 1,770 deaths with 70,500 infected in mainland China alone.

Authorities issued an edict to round-up those who have, even potentially, acquired the virus as part of a “wartime” campaign to contain the outbreak.

Pinning global disasters on people who don’t correspond with his own worldview is entirely in keeping with Wiles, who has previously blamed “gay Nazis” for the Las Vegas mass shooting, and “the sexual perversion movement” for Hurricane Harvey.