John Mayer channels Ariana Grande to troll Gal Gadot over emotionally tone-deaf ‘Imagine’ cover

John Mayer had a perfect response to Gal Gadot

The spirit of Ariana Grande is alive inside John Mayer, as the singer responded perfectly to Gal Gadot’s emotionally tone-deaf John Lennon “Imagine” cover.

The Wonder Woman star generated backlash after roping together some A-list actors, busy self-isolating in their Beverley Hills mansions, to sing a cover of a song about how materialism is bad.

The star-studded cover features the likes of enlisted the help of Mark Ruffalo, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Will Ferrell and Cara Delevingne – none of whom apparently contemplated whether the middle of an economic collapse that is costing thousands of regular people their jobs is the right time for such a message.

John Mayer takes aim at Gal Gadot ‘Imagine’ cover.

One person who wasn’t in the cover is the singer-songwriter John Mayer, who took to Twitter to publicly troll the poorly-received project.

On Instagram, he quipped: “I have to come clean about something. They actually asked me to be part of it, and I totally misunderstood the assignment, and thought they wanted me to sing ‘Imagine’ by Ariana Grande from her smash-hit album Sweetener.”

(It’s actually from thank u, next, but we’ll let it slide, John.)

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A Simple Misunderstanning.

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Editing himself into the “Imagine” cover, Mayer sang: “Me with no makeup, you in the bathtub/Bubbles and bubbly, ooh.”

He added: “Am I sorry? Not even close. But am I not sorry? Well, that’s a whole different question with a different answer. You’re damn right I’m not sorry.

“By the way, everything Ariana sings about in this song sure sounds good right about now.”

The ‘Imagine’ video has generated a lot of parodies.

Gadot’s video has been richly parodied in the best traditions of the internet, with British comic Joe Lycett putting out the star-studded ‘Imagine there’s no b*****ds’ – while Twitching Tongues musician Colin Young led a touching rendition of Smash Mouth’s “All Star”.

While neither Gadot or Grande have replied, plenty of people are loving John Mayer’s send-up.

Ariana Grande’s videographer Alfredo Flores wrote: “John this is the funniest thing you’ve ever posted.”

A fan added: “Thank you John. This is the type of content the world needs right now.”