Lady Gaga confirms Chromatica tracklist revealing a truly historic duet with Elton John

A leaked version of the Lady Gaga Chromatica tracklist has revealed an alleged duet with Elton John. (Getty/Twitter)

The Lady Gaga Chromatica tracklist was confirmed after leaking ahead of schedule on Wednesday (April 21), revealing a historic and star-studded line of collaborations with Elton John, Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK.

Lady Gaga shared the Chromatica tracklist hours after American retailer giant Target leaked the album’s back cover art.

BLACKPINK will feature on a tune called “Sour Candy”. The long-rumoured duet between Gaga and Ariana Grande, “Rain On Me”, is also listed alongside a song called “Sine From Above” with British superstar Elton John.

Not present on the confirmed tracklist were three bonus track that featured on the leaked Target artwork which had radiated across Twitter, with CSI Miami-grade sleuths quickly cleaning the low-resolution picture to reveal all.


Fans already waiting patiently for the Chromatica release date, had one thing to say to Gaga: “Release the album already, Stefani!”

Lady Gaga Chromatica tracklist has allegedly leaked and fans are hyperventilating. 

According to the leak, the songs are:

  1. “Chromatica I”.
  2. “Alice”.
  3. “Stupid Love”.
  4. “Rain On Me” (ft. Ariana Grande).
  5. “Free Woman”.
  6. “Fun Tonight”.
  7. “Chromatica II”
  8. “911”.
  9. “Plastic Doll”.
  10. “Sour Candy” (ft. BLACKPINK).
  11. “Enigma”.
  12. “Replay”.
  13. “Chromatica III”.
  14. “Sine From Above” (ft. Elton John).
  15. “1,000 Doves”.
  16. “Babylon”.

Alongside the bonus songs, “Love Me Right”, a piano version of “1,000 Doves” and a Vitaclub Warehouse Mix of “Stupid Love”.

Two Chromatica songs have apparently leaked. 

Gaga”s sixth studio album has been shaken by a string of leaks, when her first single “Stupid Love” let slip, as well as the album name and album artwork all, leaked before the official release.

Currently, alleged leaks for a track called “Babylon” as well as the Grande collab are swirling around social media.

It comes after intense rumours that “Free Woman” would drop earlier in April.

The song, however, did not drop in the end. Leaving fans craving the music that Gaga herself postponed from its original release date.

She delayed the release of the intensively-anticipated album as the coronavirus pandemic collided with the world.

It prompted Gaga to organise and curate a telethon with anti-poverty charity Global Citizen that raised more than £100 million for the World Health Organization and other regional charities response to the virus.

John himself was involved with the special, singing a touching cover of “I’m Still Standing”.