Queer reality TV star says ‘toxic masculinity’ is to blame for ‘archaic’ views on women’s body hair

Tash Herz Married at First Sight queer body hair

A queer reality television star has hit out at people who don’t like their female partners growing body hair, saying their issues are grounded in toxic masculinity.

Tash Herz, who rose to fame on the Australian version of Married at First Sight, where she became the show’s first lesbian bride, slammed people who dislike women having body hair on Instagram.

“I just want to let you guys know that if you’re in a relationship and you decide to grow your body hair as a woman and your partner has a problem with it, that is toxic masculinity,” Herz said.

Queer Married at First Sight star hit out at ‘archaic’ body standards for women.

“Those views are archaic, and if they’re basing their attraction on you because of your body hair and because you’re a woman, that just demonstrates the fact that they have fallen prey – as a lot of us do – to trying to uphold the societal pressures that are put on women in the first place.”

If you partner is trying to tell you how you should look, get out.

She continued: “Get a grip. Get the f**k over it. If women want to grow hair on their bodies, that’s their prerogative, and if you’re going to have a cry about it, you need to grow the f**k up.”

Tash Herz urged women whose partners tell them to remove their body hair to ‘get out’.

In another video posted to her Instagram stories, she added: “If you don’t want body hair as a woman, don’t have it. If you do want body hair as a woman, have it.

“If you partner is trying to tell you how you should look, get out.”

Tash Herz is currently in a relationship with Madison Hewitt after her marriage with Amanda Micallef came to an end. She had met Hewitt through the reality TV series, but later lashed out at producers for coupling them up, saying queer experts should be used to match same-sex couples.

While Herz’s Married at First Sight relationship didn’t work out, she came out of the show with more than 60,000 Instagram followers.