Men share celebs who first made them realise they were gay – and it’s a blast from the past

Chris Evans in the 2005 film Fantastic Four apparently lit a fire for many a queer man, apparently. (IMDb/Twentieth Century Fox)

Many of us have been here. Sneaking off in the department store while our parents or guardians shop, and there it is.

The underwear section. Lines upon lines of scantily dressed people printed onto the packaging.

Or you’re leafing through a copy of a gossip magazine in the dentist’s office and a photograph of a certain celebrity has you thinking, uh, things.

As we all desperately try to distract ourselves from the unfolding collapse of the world around us, Scottish journalist Louis Staples asked Twitter a simple question on Thursday evening.

“Is there an image that you find intensely triggering because you were so into it when you were young and it was FORBIDDEN and you didn’t wanna deal your homo impulses but also couldn’t look away?”

Staples, the deputy editor of the indy100, shared his own example of a young Jake Gyllenhaal, showing that even back then, he was 65 per cent eyebrow.

Countless scores of queer men came together to share the images that were their sexual awakening back in the day, and they’re honestly eye-opening.

Basically, X-Files heartthrob David Duchovny proved popular. It was the red trunks, probably.

And that Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein shoot made a lot of folks realise they were queer.

Chris O’Donnell in the 1997’s Batman & Robin was apparently a lot of guys’ pin-up poster boys, even former twink Tyler Oakley’s.

Basically, anyone remotely white, male, tall and with a square jawline has a lot to answer for in the queer male world, apparently.

Fodder for thought, huh.

From what we gather, Chris Evans was personally responsible for the vast majority of queer male’s sexual awakenings.