Tiger King stars Jeff and Lauren Lowe claim Carole Baskin ‘abso-f***ing-lutely’ killed her husband

Jeff (R) and Lauren Lowe on The Tiger King and I. (Screen capture via Netflix)

Tiger King stars Jeff and Lauren Lowe showed their claws and claimed that Netflix “sensationalised” what happened between him and Joe Exotic and said animal rights activist Carole Baskin “abso-f***ing-lutely” killed her husband.

The streaming service did the Lord’s work Sunday by dropping a follow-up episode called The Tiger King and I.

Aggressively tall actor Joel McHale hosts the aftershow and chats to Tiger King stars, with the couple popping up as the second slot of interviews.

Tiger King made me out to be the ‘villain’, Jeff Lowe argues. 

Jeff and Lauren gave a blistering account of what happened on the roadside zoo in Oklahoma, in how a feud between Exotic and Baskin curdled into a plot to assassinate the big cat sanctuary owner.

He explained that the series was edited in a way to make him out to be the “villain”.

Jeff said: “They can’t attack me legitimately, so they try to associate me to every criminal since El Chapo, and it’s just not fair.”

Jeff and Lauren Lowe: ‘No question in my mind that she did it’.

Another undercurrent of controversy the true-crime documentary covered was the conspiracy that Baskin killed her husband and fed him to the big cats in her sanctuary.

Baskin’s then-husband Don went missing 21 years ago, and various interviewees in Tiger King accuse her of killing him. She was never charged with any crime in relation to her husband’s disappearance.

She has consecutively his back and denied these claims, skewering the show as having “had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers”.

When the Lowes were asked on their thoughts on this theory, business-person Jeff bluntly said: “There’s no question in my mind that she did it, and we’ve claimed that for years and years and years.”

Lauren chimed in that Baskin “abso-f***ing-lutely” did it.

Joe Exotic was ‘his own worst enemy’.

Similarly to Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park head zookeeper Erik Cowe, Jeff did not hold back in his brutal broadside against Exotic, especially as rumours have heaved that Jeff set-up Exotic.

“[The rumours] are a complete crock of s**t.”

Tiger King: Joe Exotic is ‘happier than ever’ with his newfound fame

Joe Exotic is said to be “over the moon” at the success of Tiger King (YouTube/Netflix UK & Ireland)

“He was his own worst enemy.”

Jeff raged: “He should have gone on the stand and testified against himself, ’cause those videos where he’s shooting Carole, hanging Carole, blowing Carole up – Joe didn’t get set up.”

Jeff, who owns multiple leather jackets, added: “Joe killed the tigers.

“They were beautiful, healthy tigers that he called over to the fence and he shot them in the head because he needed the cage space.”