Tiger King’s Joe Exotic is officially divorced from Dillon Passage

Joe Exotic hugs a tiger while wearing a blue and white shiny jacket.

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic has finalised his divorce from ex-husband Dillon Passage almost two years after their split.

Proceedings finally came to an end for the currently imprisoned 59-year-old on Tuesday (3 January) after he and his 27-year-old partner filed for divorce in March 2021.

Passage announced that the two had split up following Exotic’s imprisonment in 2018 for plotting to murder his storied rival Carol Baskin, as well as several animal abuse charges.

Their marriage started to strain due to the internet personality’s imprisonment and, after missing several calls, the two eventually decided to part ways, though on good terms.

According to an email sent by Exotic, and later shared with TMZ by his attorney, the two were reportedly “not in a hurry” to split up following their decision, despite Passage having later met someone else in July.

“This has been tough on both of us and he is going to do what he thinks he needs to do and I prefer to stay married right now so things don’t get complicated,” the letter read.

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Once filings had been made and the process was underway, Exotic said that the pair were still calling three times a day and that Passage would “continue to be my support.”

Proceedings were once again halted after Exotic was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he has since been treated for and is in remission.

During that time, the former politician – who is currently serving 21 years in Fort Worth, Texas – planned to marry John Graham, whom he had met in prison.

The two eventually split up after the relationship began to falter upon Graham’s release, but Exotic once again found love with his ex-boyfriend Seth Posey.

Lawyer Autumn Blackledge, who spoke on behalf of Joe Exotic, said: “Joe is thankful that Seth is back in his life. They are both taking things slowly and just enjoying the time to reconnect.

“Joe Exotic, the Tiger King, is this larger-than-life entertainer to us, and it’s hard to remember that he is a real person with real challenges and needs,” Blackledge continued. “At the end of the day, Joe wants what everyone wants, to love and to be loved and understood.”