Kirstie Alley has ‘no idea’ why she blocked Billy Eichner on Twitter – and doesn’t seem to know how to fix it, either

Billy Eichner Kirstie Alley

Billy Eichner is widely loved for his wit, charm and humour, but there’s one person who apparently doesn’t like him very much, and that’s Kirstie Alley.

You might remember Alley from her heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, when she starred in sitcoms like Cheers and films like Look Who’s Talking.

Alley is still acting today too, but lately she has been making her mark on Twitter, where she has more than a million followers.

She is known for doling out helpful advice, such as one recent tweet where she advised people to “make love not news” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Will Billy Eichner and Kirstie Alley have the celebrity feud of 2020?

Now, Alley could be on the cusp of becoming the star of the celebrity feud of 2020 we’ve all been craving to distract ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The furore began when Eichner shared a screenshot of Alley’s Twitter profile, revealing that she had blocked him.

“Have a wonderful day,” he wrote. The gay actor’s tweet was met with an outpouring of love, as well as a fair slice of confusion as to why he had been blocked by the actress.

“Stay strong,” commented actress and singer Katharine McPhee.

Another wrote: “I hope you run into her on the street.”

I didn’t mam… must have been in error.

“Wow. Look who isn’t talking!” Another Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, many others shared their stories of being blocked by Alley too.

Alley apparently has no idea how she blocked Eichner, making the story even better.

When Alley was quizzed by fans on why she blocked the gay Billy on the Street star, she replied: “I didn’t mam… must have been in error.”

She then tweeted Eichner directly and said she had “no idea” how he had come to be blocked by her.

“Sorry,” she wrote. I mean maybe tomorrow I’ll find out [why],” along with four laughing emojis.

Eichner has not yet responded to Alley’s apology, so only time will tell if the earth-shattering events will blow over.