Sam Smith confirms their unashamed love of poppers after ‘tabloid rumours’ about sharing a sniff with Nicole Scherzinger

Sam Smith

Non-binary popstar Sam Smith has confirmed that they love poppers – and they’re not ashamed to say so, despite tabloid attempts to smear them for it.

The “rumours” about Sam Smith and poppers first began in December 2019, when it was reported they went out with the The Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger.

According to The Sun, Scherzinger hit Freedom – a cocktail bar in the heart of the London’s gay district – and was joined by pals Sam Smith and her rumoured partner, rugby star Thom Evans.

Freedom bar-goers sipping their two-for-one porn star martinis may have been shocked to see the singer reportedly sniff poppers, reporters claimed.

Sam Smith has been silent about the outrageous allegations ever since – until now.

Speaking on Andy Cohen’s radio show Radio Andy on Sirius XM in the US, Smith finally addressed the rumours that they may, once, have sniffed poppers – a legal high – at a gay bar.

“I can completely confirm – I love poppers,” Sam Smith bravely said.

“I love poppers. I’ve been ashamed to say that, but I have so much fun when I do poppers,” they added.

The revelation was prompted by some probing questioning from Cohen.

Cohen said: “In December, it was written everywhere, that you and Nicole Scherzinger were doing poppers at a bar in London.

“Ya know, I’ve talked about poppers. I feel like poppers have their place – they’re not illegal – they can be a beautiful thing.

“Can you confirm or deny that that happened?'”

Sam Smith held their hands up and admitted the story was true.

Not stopping there, they continued: “I think Nicole has definitely gone out to a fair amount of gay bars in her life. We’ve been out a few times in London.

“But yeah, we were just out that one time.

“I honestly didn’t think anyone could see us. Yeah, we just got a bit rowdy and, yeah, it was fabulous.”

It was fabulous.

They added that they know that poppers are bad for you and they don’t endorse people taking them.

“I know they’re not good for you,” Sam Smith said. “I mean, booze isn’t go for you as well, right?”

The 27-year-old “Dancing With A Stranger” singer recently came under fire for sharing a crying “quarantine meltdown” selfie, which drew bullying comparisons with military veteran captain Tom Moore’s NHS fundraising efforts.

They addressed this over the weekend, telling Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast that they didn’t mean any malice.

“It was six weeks ago I posted a picture and everyone else was posting pictures.

“It was probably bad timing of me, but I use my social media as if it’s just my friends on it.

“I posted with my humour and stuff, but it just didn’t get picked up very well, but I didn’t mean any malice by it at all.

“You know me, I’m always sharing all of my feelings all the time and trying to be as human as possible but sometimes maybe people can read it wrongly but that wasn’t really meaning it in a malicious or nasty way, I was just trying to be myself.”