Nigerian police officer caught having anal sex ‘red handed’. He was beaten and stripped naked by thugs

Kenyan gay and lesbian organisations demonstrate outside the Nigerian High Commission in Nairobi, one holding a yellow sign that reads: 'Nigeria: LGBTI, We are together'

All the police constable did was allegedly have anal sex with his male partner in Nigeria, yet, Chibuike Ukazu and his partner were brutally beaten and stripped naked by a mob of youths.

A source told The National that Ukazu, who is purportedly married, was “caught red-handed having anal sex” in a home in Orlu, Imo.

Sources and law enforcement familiar to the publication described a disturbing scene where the men were pounced upon by locals on Tuesday and proceeded to “beat them to stupor” before a divisional police officer booked them.

Countless queer Nigerians feel trapped. Their lives one considered illegal across the sprawling country, and is punishable by both 14 years imprisonment and, in some northern states, death.

Nigeria: Man beaten and stripped naked by mob for purportedly engaging in gay sex. 

On Wednesday, the gang targeted the officer’s partner and stripped him naked.

A member of the mob said: “Immediately we entered the house, the police officer took down his trousers and pulled off his shirt, bent over and […] started having anal sex with him.

“Immediately our men broke in and arrested them and took them down to the community hall.

“Items recovered from them are three sachets of condoms of different brands and the police officer’s identity card.”

Imo state police confirmed the incident and noted that Ukazu was found with his “friend”, a spokesperson said, who investigators have not yet identified.

When the pair were found “in acts of homosexuality”, the police said in a statement, “the youths pounced on them and beat them to stupor, then took them to the palace of the traditional ruler before their rescue by the DPO and his team.”

Cops urged the public not to take the “law into their own hands”, pushing for citizens to instead report “grievances” to the police.

“However, the investigation into the matter has commenced with a view to unravel what actually transpired and if found culpable will face the wrath of the law,” authorities added.