Religious LGBT+ people exist, and this 51 second video expertly points out why it’s so important to remember that

Video explains why we must remember you can be LGBT and in a religion

So many LGBT+ people have been there, perched in class and the word dreaded for so long is first announced by the teacher: “Homosexuality.”

Queer students wriggle nervously in their seats, emotionally preparing for the avalanche of stares that will stampede them from fellow teens and, of course, whether anyone will outright say they oppose, well, their existence on the basis of religion.

But the nuances of this were captured so, so beautifully by TikTok user Kat, who uploaded a video that satirised the “LGBT kid vs religious kid” but added a very welcomed plot twist.

That, you know, LGBT+ folk can be practice a religion.

Class is in session as TikTok user reminds everyone that LGBT+ folk exist in religion. 

Many of Kat’s TikToks explore being a queer teen in school, but this video, uploaded late February, went viral Monday after it was shared on Twitter.

“This video is more entertaining than Avengers: Endgame,” the user wrote.

The clip spoofs a lesson where the teacher declares they’re going to “talk about the LGBT+ community”, and then jumps to a parody of “the religious kid” leafing through a bible and “that one girl” who steps out of her seat armed with a Pride flag.

While the teacher remains befuddled about what’s going on, the two teens prepare for their inevitable punch-up.

But, plot twist! A new challenger approaches!

“Wait,” the class say, “who’s that?”

The incoming fists of the sparring teens are stopped by a third teen, with the “religious kid” saying, “No, how is this possible?”, while “that girl” mutters: “This can’t be real.”

It’s then revealed that the third teen is “the gay religious kid” carrying both a Pride flag and a bible.

Users applaud clip that makes it loud enough for the people at the back to know religion and queerness aren’t separate.