Stranger epically rips apart Christian TikToker’s ‘gotcha’ LGBTQ+ rights question in viral video

Screenshots from a viral TikTok video where a person with a ponytail is in a 'debate' with a conservative about LGBTQ+ rights and economic stability. In one panel, the individual says "yes you can" with the words below them. The next panel shows the conservative frustrated with the stranger

A conservative Christian TikToker was absolutely schooled after he tried to get a random stranger to answer a ‘gotcha’ question about LGBTQ+ rights in a now viral video, and it’s glorious. 

TikTok user shaneyyricchh, whose main preoccupation on the platform is to ask strangers questions about conservative issues or Trump while attempting to mock them, truly ended up embarrassing himself on his account when he questioned a young person about LGBTQ+ rights. 

The Christian poller – wearing a shirt that said “My pronouns are Find/Jesus”, so off to a great start – approached a person with a ponytail and a Bluetooth earpiece who was wearing a leather jacket, jeans and sandals combo on what appears to be a college campus. 

In the video, posted on Monday (11 December), the conservative asked the individual to choose between LGBTQ+ rights and economic stability with no other context. The following exchange left shaneyyricchh looking like a complete fool. 

“Why can’t you have both?” the person responded, not playing along. 

“You need to pick one,” shaneyyricchh said. 

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But the student simply said: “I refuse the question.”

They go back and forth for a bit with shaneyyricchh trying to insist that the unnamed person make a choice. 

But the icon simply brushed the TikTok poller to the side, saying “so what” to their rival in the viral video, and refused to back down from their very valid point that LGBTQ+ rights and economic stability aren’t mutually exclusive

“I don’t have to pick one because you can have both,” the stranger said. 

The frustrated poller then insisted that both is not a “valid answer”. 

“I reject your question,” the stranger insisted. 

Shaneyyricchh, sounding a bit pressed at the stranger refusing to “pick one”, asked them if they were “trolling” him right now. 

Then, for some odd reason, he asked the person to choose between gender inclusivity or economic stability as if he expected a completely different answer to the question. 

“You can have both,” the stranger said. 

“You can’t – why are you making this so difficult?” the Christian TikToker said, getting audibly fed up as time went on. 

He then claimed that he was “trying to pass [his] final” which somehow involved making this TikTok video. 

“Too bad,” the person responded. 

“Which one do you pick?” Shaneyyricchh asked again. 

“I pick them both,” the stranger insisted, drawing a groan from the TikToker. 

The poller pushed that having both is “not a valid answer”, but the stranger merely laughed and said “too bad” once more to the conservative’s frustration. 

It wasn’t long before the chef kiss takedown went viral on TikTok. 

One person stitched the video and said it was “hilarious how upset that interviewer” got about the stranger insisting that LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality and economic stability “are not in opposition to each other”.  

Another TikToker said the conservative picked the wrong person to have beef with in the LGBTQ+ rights debate video because the stranger’s fit was one of a person who has been “arguing on the internet since dial-up”

“Do you have any idea how bad you f**ked up?” the user questioned. 

The hilarious exchange also picked up traction on X/Twitter with multiple people highlighting how embarrassing it was for the conservative to post his ‘L’ on social media. 

Like many funny moments, the conversation has been memorialised on the internet as a meme. 

According to Know Your Meme, the viral LGBTQ+ rights debate video inspired the “Master Debater” or the “I Refuse the Question” Guy meme in honour of the individual who “masterfully” debated the TikTok user who asked them “provoking questions”. 

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