Trump supporters are singing ‘MAGA’ to the tune of YMCA because truly nothing is sacred anymore

MAGA supporters changed the lyrics to "YMCA" and it's as haunting as you might suspect. We recommend not watching it. Don't. Please, save yourselves from the horror. (Screen captures via Twitter)

About a dozen Donald Trump supporters sang “MAGA” to the tune of the Village People’s “YMCA”, a song about gay sex proving that we well and truly do live in a cursed timeline.

Flattening the curve has emerged as one of the most contentious issues in politics, with pockets of Americans spilling out onto streets in recent weeks to protest against stay-at-home orders roiled, in part, by US president Donald Trump.

As churches, Supercuts, Arby’s, Cracker Barrel and Walmart stores are shuttered, enraged Trump-supporters have dubbed the measures enforced to protect them and their loved ones from a deadly disease a “culture war”.

A minority of Americans believe the government has gone too far in trying to contain the coronavirus, with an April 24 protest in Madison, Wisconsin, being the latest in a handful of demonstrations.

What is going on and how do we unsee it?

The surreal scene of the protest against lockdown measures in Wisconsin has gone viral, with a video showing the Trump supporters – advocating for their right to go outside and potentially spread and sicken more Americans with COVID-19 – boogying away as our collective sanity is, once again, eroded.

Trump’s fanbase have had an odd and well-documented relationship to the 1970s disco anthem, especially after the track was used as the entrance music for the president at a rally earlier this year.

People hold signs during a protest against the coronavirus shutdown in front of State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 24 2020. (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Lockdown measures have inflamed deep-seated tensions in the US, as demonstrations begin to dot the country. (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The supporters, many donning puffer jackets, MAGA caps and straight-leg denim, seemed unsure how to replicate the iconic “YMCA” dance to “MAGA”, as arms darted in all directions and not reminiscent at all of any letter of the alphabet.

Some appeared to think “MAGA” has a “Y” in it. There was a vague “C” signalled by one demonstrator, too.

They stuffed the city streets outside State Capitol with a car with countless US flags spiking out of it, almost like a hedgehog, pulling a trailer that has a white bridge and the words “TRUMP UNITY: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” propping out of it.

People hold signs during a protest against the coronavirus shutdown in front of State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 24 2020. (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

A patchwork of state policies designed to flatten the coronavirus curve have whipped up social unrest among pockets of Americans, many weary oft being able to socialise, work or worship as they would typically do. (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The float itself is known as the “Trump Unity Bridge” and has been tugged across the States by a Michigan resident since 2016, inspiring “unity” by showcasing slogans such as, er, “Secure America’s Border”.

Unity! Kinda, well, no.

We would repeat the lyrics to the Trumpian rendition of the song, but doing so might bring about the apocalypse itself.

Twitter points out the pretty obvious flaw in Trump fans co-opting YMCA. 

Of course, the delicious irony of the right-wing citizens jiving away to a song famously about gay men having rampant sex in a YMCA was not lost on, well, everyone else in existence.

Walking Dead star Daniel Newman – who has frequently voiced his criticism of the Trump administration’s bungled handling of the pandemic –  jumped in.

“The gay ‘YMCA’ anthem song to protest protecting their communities is the last thing I wanna see while stuck in my house,” he tweeted.