The Last of Us Part II leak reveals whether the rumoured ‘homophobic Christian cult’ storyline is actually true

The Last of Us Part II: Homophobic cult may have been just a rumour

New leaks from The Last of Us Part II suggest that a rumoured “homophobic Christian cult” may not be part of the plot after all.

The eagerly-anticipated video game sequel has already been the subject of various rumours, but the latest leak is hard to disprove.

The Last of Us Part II game footage has been leaked by a disgruntled software tester, and the videos would reportedly be impossible to fake, Metro reports.

The Last of Us Part II is rumoured to include a homophobic Christian cult, but new leaks suggest this isn’t the case.

Rumours that the game would feature a homophobic Christian cult began earlier this month when a source made the claim on 4chan.

The writer of the since-deleted post claimed to be an “immediate family member of someone working at Naughty Dog” and insisted the game’s antagonists would be a homophobic Christian cult.

“The Seraphites believe they are angels cleansing the wasteland,” the leak claimed, “the old ‘the end of the world is cause of the sinners’ trope.”

The leaker said members of the group are called “lambs” and have shaved heads, while their enemies are “wolves” and consist of minority groups.

The source claimed that the group is united by their individual immunity to the Cordyceps Brain Infection.

However, new leaks, which show actual footage from the game, suggest that the homophobic Christian cult rumours may be just that – rumours.

The new leaks include no references to the rumoured cult.

The new leaks reveal that the first half of the game is played as Ellie, with the second half moving to Abby, among other spoiler-filled plot points.

There are no references in the leaks to a homophobic Christian cult. This does not necessarily rule out the rumoured plot point – but it does make it less likely.

It’s entirely possible that the homophobic Christian cult will still play their part in The Last of Us Part II, but if they do, it looks as though they won’t be the focus of the story.

Sadly, fans of the original game will have to wait a little longer to find out what is and isn’t in the game. Its release has been postponed indefinitely as developers and distributors deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

The original video game, released in 2013, follows Joel and Ellie as they venture across the United States in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

It was released to critical acclaim and has since amassed a huge fan following.

The video game depicted Ellie as queer and showed her kissing her best friend Riley, and the trailer for the game’s sequel showed her kissing another character called Dina.