Why is everyone so worried about Pedro Pascal’s Last Of Us season 2 filming schedule?

Pedro Pascal sat in a cowboy jacket with a filmling clapper board in front of him.

Rumours surrounding Pedro Pascal’s short The Last Of Us season 2 filming schedule have been debunked, so please stop panicking. STOP IT. Stop. Panicking! *Breathes into paper bag*

Pascal, who has (mostly) embraced his role as the internet’s “cool, slutty daddy”, plays Joel, one of the hardened central characters in the post-apocalyptic thriller, opposite Bella Ramsey’s formidable Ellie.

So, understandably, the idea of him wrapping filming so early sent fans into full-blown panic mode.

What is the rumour about Pedro Pascal filming Last Of Us?

In March, it was rumoured that Pascal had wrapped shooting after just a few weeks on set.

Reportedly, last week, a paywalled Patreon post from Daniel Richtman outlined the evidence that the 48-year-old actor had already completed filming. 

It raised eyebrows as production had only just begun, and filming for the rest of the season wasn’t expected to conclude until August 2024.

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Additionally, it would be odd that the Chilean-American actor’s departure happened so soon, given the fact that he’s one of the two central characters in the show. 

In case you haven’t seen it (if so, it’s quite strange that you clicked on this article, but that’s fine, you do you) The Last of Us predominantly follows Joel and Ellie navigating the world after society has collapsed due to a fungal infection pandemic that turned humans into zombie-like creatures.

Clearing up the circulating gossip: HBO has told IGN that the rumours about Pascal having completed filming were “not accurate.” That means the actor has more filming to do between now and August. 

Pascal has become a fan favourite for not only his fantastic acting in multiple series, but also for his goofy and loveable red carpet moments.

Garnering such a devoted fanbase who celebrate him as a fierce LGBTQ+ ally, news of Pascal’s short time on set panicked fans. 

“‘pedro pascal has finished filming for the last of us hbo season 2’ SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH,” one fan posted on X. 

“Pedro finished filming just weeks into it… we’re not ready,” another wrote with a crying emoji.

The fans’ filming schedule worry is not unsubstantiated. Pascal’s The Mandalorian character, the title role, is often masked in the show and therefore his presence on set became increasingly limited. Other performers took on the masked figure so his on-set presence was often unnecessary.

It was then announced last year that he would not be stepping onto the set for the fourth season of The Mandalorian, but instead voicing lines post-filming to be overlayed.

The Last of Us season two spoiler warning

The Last of Us
The Last of Us season two is expected to cover the events of the second game (HBO)

Though rumours about Pascal’s time on set have been debunked, the actor’s performance schedule might reveal something about season two’s plot.

So far, it’s understood that though the second season will adapt the PlayStation game The Last of Us Part 2 in a loyal manner, it has been noted there will be some notable changes. 

Early on in the second video game, Joel is gruesomely beaten to death with a golf club by Abby, the daughter of the Firefly surgeon Joel killed to save Ellie.

So although the rumours about Pascal’s set departure have been corrected, the death of his character in the hugely popular game may still be a reason for his reduced appearance. 

Having said that, throughout The Last of Us Part 2 Joel still appears in the form of flashbacks. This may mean Pascal’s performance would carry on through the second season and he would be required on set. 

Adding to the complexity, the game’s narrative will seemingly be split over two seasons. Therefore, Joel may die at the end of season two – the middle of the story, if it’s told in three parts – in line with the timing of the original game. 

The forthcoming season is set to be an exhilarating chapter of the show and will also see the edition of Isabela Merced as Diana, Ellie’s romantic interest.

Alongside The Last of Us filming, Pascal will begin filming for Gladiator 2 soon and Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four this summer. He’s certainly keeping himself busy.

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