Six – yes, six – people complained to the BBC about Joe Lycett using ‘too much sexual innuendo’. He epically shut them down

Joe Lycett Hugo Boss

Pansexual comedian Joe Lycett had the best response when viewers said there was “too much sexual innuendo” in The Great British Sewing Bee.

The comedian formerly known as Hugo Boss said that the BBC series received six complaints and four comments from viewers who were not impressed at his sexual innuendo.

Sharing the news on Twitter, Lycett wrote: “I appreciate the feedback. I try not to do innuendo but it’s so hard. It’s really so hard. Omg it’s getting harder.”

He shared part of a document which detailed the complaints and comments the April 29 episode garnered.

Joe Lycett has been accused of using ‘too much sexual innuendo’ in The Great British Sewing Bee.

The document revealed that The Great British Sewing Bee attracted comments and complaints “from those who claim Joe Lycett is an inappropriate presenter and/or felt there was too much sexual innuendo.”

The document included an example of one of the comments and complaints received.

“The amazing Sewing Bee is back and I really enjoyed the last series,” the complainant said.

“However I have been very disappointed with the constant innuendo from Joe Lycett which is just ruining the show for me.

“A small amount is fine but he has gone to [sic] far this time,” they concluded.

I appreciate the feedback. I try not to do innuendo but it’s so hard. It’s really so hard. Omg it’s getting harder.

Plenty of people sympathised with Lycett over the feedback, including Irish comedian and actress Aisling Bea, who replied: “So glad to see you coming to grips with it Joey, even when it is so hard.”

Another Twitter user replied: “I think they resent you constantly ramming it down their throats.”

Plenty of people got in on the fun in the replies.

Somebody else added: “I can’t believe this! You put your all into something just to give pleasure, and people start to moan and groan over your exhausting efforts.

He received some high praise from another Twitter user who simply wrote: “Brilliant! I love your innuendos! Keep them cumming!”

It has been a busy few months for Lycett. In March, he legally changed his name to Hugo Boss in an effort to protest the company’s treatment of smaller organisations and charities.

His name-change went on to make headlines globally, helping Lycett successfully raise awareness, so he reverted back to his original name last month.