Madonna went to a friend’s birthday party days after saying she’d tested positive for coronavirus antibodies

Madonna hugging Steven Klein

Madonna hugged her friend Steven Klein at his 55th birthday party just days after claiming she’d tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, because apparently Madame X is not a social distancer.

Fans were surprised to see Madonna pop up during the American photographer’s virtual birthday party, presenting him with a “COVID cake” in person.

Madonna and the other guests – among them New York club legend Susanne Bartsch – were not wearing face masks, and at one point the singer was seen hugging Klein, who shot her Confessions on a Dancefloor and Hard Candy album covers.

“M made an appearance at Steven Klein’s Virtual Birthday Party,” wrote one fan who watched the party on Zoom.

“M called his Bday cake a COVID Cake. She’s too f**king cute!”


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M made an appearance at @stevenkleinstudio ‘s Virtual Birthday Party ( thank you, @bartschland ? ) – such a blast!!! M called his Bday cake a Covid Cake ? She’s too fucking cute!!! We are living in some crazy tiMes! But trying to make the most of it, and still have soMe fun!!! #HappyBirthdayStevenKlein??? #VirtualParty #TheyAreHereForHER !!! ? #ZooM #NYCNightlife ##Quarantine #NYCPAUSE @madonna – Susanne’s gorgeous top hat & corset by @sparkylestudio ? *** P.S. This was an online party. She was in her own home w/her faMily and crew that she has been quarantining with. There were about 5 people that came to her home (or Steven’s?) to celebrate Steven’s bday, and all of these people have been quarantined for over a month as well. Please stop the Madness – she would never put herself or her children at risk!!! ***

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The get-together came just hours after the singer announced in typically theatrical fashion that she’d tested positive for coronavirus antibodies.

“I found out I have the antibodies, so tomorrow I’m just going to go for a long drive in the car,” she said in an Instagram video posted Friday (May 1).

“I’m going to roll down the window, I’m going to roll down the window and breathe in the COVID-19 air.”

The World Health Organization has cast doubt on the trustworthiness of said tests, saying that they “need further validation to determine their accuracy” and noting that it is not yet proven that antibodies confer immunity.

It is unclear where the party was being hosted, however Klein has claimed on Instagram: “We have all been in quarantine together”.

One follower replied: “That’s weird because Susanne Bartsch has a clip of herself leaving Manhattan and on her way to the Hamptons on her IG story yesterday.”

PinkNews has contacted Madonna’s representatives for comment.