Tiger King star Dillon Passage just blamed the global coronavirus pandemic on ‘Carole f**king Baskin’. Yes, really

Dillon Passage, Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin

Tiger King star Dillon Passage said “there’s only one person” to blame for the coronavirus pandemic, “and that is Carole f**king Baskin”.

Passage made the bizarre swipe at his husband Joe Exotic’s arch nemesis while offering his advice for getting through lockdown.

“This quarantine is tough and it’s really hard to stay positive, but you can do it,” he said in a video recorded for FUBAR Radio.

“I know it all sucks, but there is only one person we can blame for this and that is Carole f**king Baskin.”

Passage neglected to explain exactly how Baskin is responsible for the pandemic.

The Tiger King star did, however, give viewers an insight into how he is keeping himself entertained

“Some of the things that really help me is I have a group of friends that are constantly messaging me and we talk all day long,” he said.

“We send each other videos of previous festivals and pictures of stuff of when we would hang out. It’s the little things that’ll brighten your day.”

There you have it.

Dillon Passage doesn’t want to see your wiener.

As well as keeping up with inane group chats, Passage is also being kept busy fielding unsolicited nudes.

He told FUBAR hosts Joanna Chimonides and Stephen Leng: “I’ve definitely received quite a few nudes from people and it’s just, like: ‘Keep that to yourself.’

“I already know what a wiener looks like, I don’t need to see yours too!”

During the interview Passage dismissed the idea that exposing Carole Baskin for her alleged crimes was more important to Exotic than his marriage.

Tiger King stars Joe Exotic (R) and Dillon Passage. (Instagram)

Tiger King stars Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage. (Instagram)

“Obviously him getting Carole caught for killing her husband is a huge thing to him, which, who knows what happened,” he said.

“The investigators could either find something or they couldn’t. It’s really up in the air.

“If they do then they do and if they don’t then I kind of feel for her because everyone’s been saying she’s killed her husband and if she didn’t then that’s gotta really have an impact on her.

“I would say Joe’s main priority is his marriage for sure. I think his main goal though once he gets out of jail is to rebuild his reputation because it was totally tarnished and torn to pieces once he got arrested.

“And he wasn’t able to tell his story until this documentary came out.”

Carole Baskin duped into YouTube interview.

Baskin, who strenuously denies killing her husband, was recently duped into giving her first post-Tiger King interview.

Two YouTubers, Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, posed as producers for Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, taking advantage of the proliferation of video-call interviews amid the pandemic.

Baskin revealed that she has had to lay off half her staff due to lockdown, and that she is currently caring for her big cats with the help of a few volunteers.

After the chat was revealed to be a prank, Baskin told US Weekly said it gave her “a very welcome good laugh”.

“I appreciate their cleverness and that they created their video in a way that I don’t feel was in any way mean-spirited,” she added.