Ocean’s Eleven gets gay remake with all-queer troupe of actors – including actual Matilda, Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson Ocean's Eleven

If you were looking for a queer version of Ocean’s Eleven to help you get through coronavirus lockdown, look no further.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz joined Matilda actress Mara Wilson and other LGBT+ stars for a livestream titled Ocean’s Eleven But It’s Gay.

The queer cast came together to do a live read-through of the script from the classic 2001 film. The project was organised by writer Gaby Dunn, with actors dialling in through Zoom to take part.

The livestream kicks off with director Carly Usdin introducing the entire cast.

“Today we are going to do a queer live reading of Ocean’s Eleven from 2001,” she announces.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz expertly took on George Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven role.

Beatriz, who plays bisexual character Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, took on the role of Danny Ocean, originally played by George Clooney in the film.

Transgender writer and actress Jen Richards expertly read for Robert “Rusty” Ryan, played by Brad Pitt in the film.

Meanwhile, former child star Wilson took on the role of Saul Bloom, originally played by Carl Reiner.

Over the course of almost three hours, the stellar line-up of LGBT+ actors and comics read through the entire script, including stage directions.

To say that fans loved it would be an understatement.

One viewer commented: “Couldn’t stop laughing anytime Mara, Mal, Elise or Natasha were on the screen with those costumes and accents.”

Wilson, who is bisexual, got her fair share of praise for the read through.

“Mara Wilson, just when I think I cannot love you more, you prove me so very wrong,” one person commented.

Gaby Dunn has already done queer versions of other classic films.

Another viewer summarised everyone’s feelings well.

“Truly this was such a great distraction today,” they wrote.

“Not sure if I’ve ever felt so gay,” added another.

Amazingly this isn’t even the first film to get the “make it gay” treatment from Gaby Dunn and LGBT+ performers.

They have already done queer live read throughs of Alien, aptly titled Gaylien, as well as Clue and 10 Things I Hate About You (re-titled 10 Things I Gay About You).

Performers from all disciplines are embracing the magic of livestreams in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen a global movement calling on people to stay at home to slow the spread of infection.