Teachers disciplined after showing kids incel videos and sending a student thousands of texts about their sexual orientation

teachers disciplined incel video

The Canadian government has disciplined four teachers for inappropriate and in some cases abusive behaviour, including showing incel videos to children and sending thousands of texts about a student’s sexual orientation.

The British Columbia commissioner for teacher regulation, Howard Kushner, was responsible for disciplining the teachers, according to Burnaby Now.

In one case, he found that twelfth grade teacher Justin Thanh Dat Hung showed students a video called This is What the Life of an Incel Looks Like.

An incel — which is a contraction of involuntarily celibate — is a person who believes that the odds are stacked against perceived to be unattractive heterosexual men who wish to have sex, and that their right to sex is being denied to them by women and attractive men.

The incel “community” is viciously misogynistic, often blaming women for their sexual misfortunes and in some cases even advocating violence and rape.

Kushner said the video shown to students by Hung included the stories of two incels who went on to commit mass murder, and showed “cartoon-like, sexually explicit images of women as sexual objects, and images of men having violent sexual encounters with women”.

Hung said he had not watched the video before showing it to his students, and was suspended for five days without pay.

Teacher sent 2,500 texts to a student saying they loved them.

In another case, which was anonymised to protect the student’s identity, a teacher sent 2,496 text messages to a student saying that they loved them and grilling them about their sexual orientation.

The student eventually expressed a desire to hurt themselves, and the teacher attempted to counsel the young person via text.

The anonymous teacher was suspended for two months without pay, then transferred to another school and ordered to take a course on boundaries.

A third teacher was found to have kicked and shoved students, even putting them into trash cans, and a fourth had inappropriate physical contact with students.