Plot twist! Two queer women ditched their narrow-minded dates and gave in to their feelings for each other on First Dates Hotel

Rachael (L) and Georgia bumped into one another on First Dates Hotel. (Screen capture via Channel 4)

First Dates Hotel made history last night when two queer women ditched their kinda anti-bi dates and decided they wanted to spend more time together romantically.

Thursday night’s (May 7) episode of the Channel 4 dating show left fans cheering for Rachael and Georgia after they realised they both had feelings for one another.

The two women had first bumped into each other during last week’s instalment of the series, which brings together singletons at a romantic Italian hideaway.

First Dates Hotel viewers couldn’t help but root for ‘When Rachael met Georgia’.

Rachael told her date Blain about her relationship history and the love she felt for “six, seven years” for a woman.

He replied by asking: “You wouldn’t, like, say you’re bisexual? But it’s just a bit of a phase?”

Ah, yes, a six, seven yearslong “phase”. Of course, yes.

Rachael cooly replied that she “wouldn’t label herself as anything”, before explaining to the camera that it’s not about liking “both, or […] one or the other”, and is more: “If someone takes my fancy, they take my fancy.”

The show then jumped to Georgia, who ahead of her date with Robbie, said she should “probably tell” him that she’s bisexual.

“I’ve always found women attractive,” she said, candidly, “but I was never honest and open enough to admit to myself that’s what the situation was.”

Georgia went on to say that after her first relationship with a man fell through, she gave herself the space to explore her sexuality.

“Bit of girl-on-girl action,” Robbie replied, smirking, and the sound you hear is a thousand bisexual women rolling their eyes in unison.

She then went on to explain that she, in the long-term, sees herself settling with a man. Although, her wording prompted criticism online.

The show cut back to Rachel, who had wrapped up her date and was struggling to decide whether she wanted to go on another date with Blain.

“Something else on your mind?” the camera-person asked her.

“Georgia,” Rachael said. “She’s stunning, she’s absolutely gorgeous and we get on really well.”

“I’ve had a really nice time with you,” Rachael told Blain, “but I wasn’t expecting to see my friend Georgia.

“And I’ve had a crush on Georgia for quite some time.”

“You do what you need to do,” Blain said.

Blain joked to Rachael that it’s “convenient” that Rachael is “bisexual as well” as he encouraged her to be honest with her pal about her feelings.

But the show managed to throw another plot twist in. 

In the end, both Georgia and Rachael decided they were better off as friends with their respective dates.

The pair then reunited, and Rachael told Georgia: “He was a great guy but I fancy you,” before they cuddled up under a blanket together, sipping prosecco.

Rachael explained to the camera: “I had a crush on her when my friend showed me her on social media. She’s even better in person.”

The episode ended by revealing that the two jetted back to Leicester, England, to continue seeing each other.

“But insist they are looking for men in the long-term,” a slide explained, coupled with three smiling selfies of Georgia and Rachael.

It was then revealed that Georgia had planned a night out in Liverpool with Rachael’s date, Blain, with the final caption admitted producers had “stopped trying to keep up”.