Two lesbians perform spectacular dance routine upon first meeting for new dating show Flirty Dancing

Two lesbians proved love at first sight is real when they had the most romantic date of all time on Channel 4’s new dating show, Flirty Dancing.

Based on the premise that when people dance together for the first time “something electric happens,” Flirty Dancing pairs singletons and teaches them a dance routine separately, before bringing them together to perform it on their first date.

Episode four featured Faye 28, an event planner from Malvern, and Sarah 24, a student from Tamworth. Both live in rural areas where they struggle to meet other lesbians.

“I feel like I am the gay Bridget Jones living in the countryside,” Faye told the cameras. “The opportunities aren’t as easy in the countryside. I probably know most of the women that are also gay.”

She added: “I’m really attracted to feminine girly women, but also women that have that confidence about them, that edgy, cool feel. I find that very attractive in a woman.”

She found her perfect match in Sarah, who had been single for a year and was ready for something serious. “Marriage is very important to me,” she said. “I’d like the big wedding, the big dress, I want children, that’s the goal.”

Faye and Sarah’s dance was designed specially for them, including several “feminine, flirty moments” and mirroring to show how similar they are. Their desire for balance in a relationship was also reflected in the mutual “dipping” moves.

After being taught the routine separately, the pair met for the first time on a beautiful Birmingham rooftop garden and wordlessly performed the breathtaking dance together.

Love at first dance? (Channel 4)

Faye was moved to tears by the encounter, gushing: “She’s beautiful. That was so emotional. She’s just so beautiful, and I really felt like there was a connection. Just, wow. I hope she’s feeling the same.”

Sarah was also left with a grin on her face, telling the cameras: “Oh my god, I’m shaking. I’ve honestly got no words. The first moment we looked at each other, we both kind of had that glint in our eyes. There was a smile there.

“There were moments where it was quite intimate, but I felt relaxed straight away.”

A tearful Faye after the performance (Channel 4)

Both agreed to meet for a second date in the park, where they bonded over rural lesbian life and Birmingham’s lack of gay bars. Faye brought a bouquet of flowers for Sarah, while Sarah came prepared with a bottle of prosecco.

“What were your first impressions of me?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I was happy, because you were fit,” Faye laughed. “I thought, because [you’d] started laughing, ‘She’s fun. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s gonna be a laugh.'”

They ended the show with a third date already planned.

You can watch the full episode here.