Christian fundamentalists claim Disney is ‘promoting sin to children’ with historic, tender and heartwarming gay film Out

One Million Moms are petitioning against the Disney+ short film Out. (Twitter)

One Million Moms, who are not really one million mums, but a few mums, are urging mothers to ditch Disney after the studio released its first animated film starring an openly queer character.

Out is a heartwarming short that follows a queer man as he tries to work up the courage to open up to his parents when they come to visit.

To One Million Moms, a wing of the Christian fundamentalist group American Family Association, Out is “promoting sin to children” and are petitioning Disney leaders to drop the film entirely.

One Million Moms lash into Disney for ‘supporting unbiblical values’.

The petition has, at the time of writting, 11,516 signatures, just 988,484 off its one million target.

One Million Moms organisers describe Out as following a “grown gay man”, unlike those still-growing gay men, “named Greg who struggles with coming out to his parents before moving to the big city with his boyfriend, Manuel.”

Organisers then give a brief overview of the film’s premise, noting that the two male characters are “shown being affectionate throughout the film before kissing at the end”.

“Disney has been criticised by homosexual activists in the past for its lack of LGBT+ characters in its programs,” the petition adds, “but recently Disney has increased its inclusion of LGBT+ characters in supporting roles.”

“Christian parents who have a Disney+ subscription should seriously consider cancelling it since Disney cannot be trusted.

“Disney is clearly supporting unbiblical values and promoting sin to children. We need to stand together to preserve the innocence of our children.”

The petition ends by urging followers to sign the plea addressed to Disney CEO Bob Chapek to “remove” Out from the company’s streaming service: “Let him know your family will not be watching since its inclusion of an openly gay character goes against your beliefs and values.”

The new Disney Plus short film Out received a warm welcome from LGBT+ fans.

Indeed, when Out first released, many users welcomed the leap in representation and some noted that it will upset all the right people.

The prophecy was fulfilled.

Other Twitter users praised Disney for finally making the leap to tell a dedicated queer story, following the minor yet still seismic inclusion of a queer character in the film Onward earlier this year.