Black trans woman brutally beaten by mob of more than 30 men in heartbreaking attack over minor fender bender

In the clip, men can be seen brutally attacking Iyanna Dior

A video has gone viral of a Black trans woman in Minnesota being violently attacked by a group of men.

The shocking, graphic video shows an incident on Monday after an apparent car accident in Minneapolis – which has been the centre of unrest over the death of George Floyd.

Black trans woman horrifically beaten in Minneapolis

In the clip, which PinkNews is not sharing, men can be seen brutally attacking Iyanna Dior after following her into a shop, while others look on.

Some of the men can be heard shouting anti-LGBT slurs while Dior is beaten.

It is unclear what happened before the incident. It does not appear that anyone involved has been arrested in connection with the attack.

Taking to Facebook, Dior said: “Thanks to everyone reaching out making sure I’m ok. Imma talk real soon.”

Trans woman Iyanna Dior documented her injuries in a Facebook Live

Trans woman Iyanna Dior documented her injuries in a Facebook Live


The young trans woman documented her injuries in a Facebook Live, saying: “The whole side of my face is literally swollen, it hurts so bad. On my forehead, I have knots and scratches.

“My f**king arm is just swollen, it hurts so bad. I need to go to the hospital. My bottom teeth cut up my lips on the inside. A lot of s**t happened.”

Trans activists send messages in support of Iyanna Dior

In a lengthy Instagram post, Pose executive producer Janet Mock wrote: “Sis. I’m sorry. I’m so f**king sorry. They didn’t have to come after you. But they did. There’s no f**king excuse for their brutality, their dangerous ignorance, their fragile masculinity. That s**t been killing us.

She added: “My heart aches for you. But we got you sis. You’re gonna heal. You rest now. Let us carry what you can’t right now. You deserve rest and peace. We’re showing the f**k up.

“Our fight for Black lives will not be in sacrifice of you or our sisters. We must stop centring cisgender heterosexual men and their needs. We will not ignore the violence some of these men enact on you, our sisters’ and our siblings’ lives.

“If Black lives matter then Black trans lives should matter as well. We are here. We been here. We need our Black cisgender siblings to roll up RIGHT NOW. You ain’t no ally. You are family. We are your family.”

The incident is strikingly similar to the treatment of Muhlaysia Booker, a trans woman who was brutally beaten by a mob in Dallas in 2019 after a car accident. Booker was murdered just weeks later, prompting outrage from the trans community.