LA Pride’s Black Lives Matter solidarity march denounced after it’s alleged organisers are collaborating with police

LA Pride Black Lives Matter march

LA Pride’s Black Lives Matter solidarity march has been widely condemned by activists after it was alleged that organisers are working with police.

LA Pride was cancelled almost two months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, but organisers announced this week that they intended to replace it with a Black Lives Matter march.

However, the scheduled event has been widely panned after an LA Pride organiser allegedly wrote a letter to police seeking permission and approval for the march.

The letter was reportedly shared by LA Pride organiser Jeff Consoletti but has since been deleted. Activist and editor Fran Tirado shared a screenshot of the letter on Twitter.

In the letter, LA Pride requested a special event permit in order to hold its Black Lives Matter march.

LA Pride said they looked forward to organising the march ‘collaboratively’ with police.

They said they intended to “come together peacefully” to show support for Black people, and insisted that the demonstration would be “safe, peaceful, and organized”.

The letter continued: “For the past 50 years, we have demonstrated a strong and unified partnership with law enforcement in the annual organization of PRIDE here in Los Angeles and West Hollywood.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has halted our traditional celebration, the national climate surrounding the George Floyd homicide is a call to action to motivate our community in solidarity with this movement.

“Your support of this peaceful gathering is the key to its success and continues a LA tradition of support, advocacy, and the peaceful right to protest for all.”

Organisers closed out the letter by saying they looked forward to organising the march “collaboratively” with the LAPD.

The letter has been condemned by activists, with many criticising LA Pride for working with police at a time when people across the country are protesting against police brutality.

Fran Tirado tweeted: “Homos, this is not it.”

Poet and editor Charles Jensen demanded that LA Pride reveal the extent to which police would be involved in their planned Black Lives Matter march.

Organisers said they intend to ‘listen and learn’.

LA Pride released a statement yesterday promising more information would be released.

“We hear the many voices coming from within the Black community and our support for the community is unwavering,” organisers wrote.

“Christopher Street West (CSW) is engaging Black community advocacy groups, Black LGBTQ+ organizations and communtiy leaders to align on our mission and objectives.

“We are committed to educating ourselves on how to be an ally in the fight against systemic social injustice and police brutality and to work for justice reform.

“We are here to listen and learn. More information will be shared tomorrow.”

Organisers have not yet released a follow-up statement.

PinkNews has contacted LA Pride and the LAPD for comment.