Gynaecologist perfectly dismantles the idea that biology and science invalidate trans people

OB-GYN Mama Doctor Jones

An obstetrician-gynaecologist (OB-GYN) has perfectly shut down the idea that biology and science invalidate trans and non-binary people’s existences.

Dr Danielle Jones, an American gynaecologist known on her YouTube channel as Mama Doctor Jones, has dismantled the theory used by many transphobes that “science is made up of genetics, and genetics says your chromosomes can be XX or XY, and that means you are male or female, and you can’t change this”.

In a video titled “Is Science Anti-Transgender?“, Jones clearly stated: “Science is not an argument that can be used to invalidate a transgender individual.”

“Science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment,” said Jones, who has even produced trans flag “science is inclusive” T-shirts.

“So, science includes many aspects of psychological, social, behavioural study, in addition to genetics and DNA. Science is not just one finding.”

Doctor breaks down binary sex.

On the topic of “biological sex”, Jones explained: “What is sex? In general, sex is usually male or female. But how do we come to that conclusion?

“Sometimes it’s thought of as just being genetic sex, what your chromosomes are.

“But that’s not the full picture, because most of us have never had our chromosomes looked at, and we may not even know what our actual chromosomal makeup is.

“Sex is also made up of a second component, which is phenotypic sex or the way that you look to the world.

“When you’re born, the only way you can look to the world is your genitals. And so at birth, you’re assigned a sex based almost entirely on the way that your genitals develop.

“However, about one in 2000 babies in the United States will be born with what we call ambiguous genitalia, meaning it is not immediately clear just from looking at their physical appearance, if they are male or female.”

She added: “Nobody is really claiming that you can change your genetic sex. But as we just talked about, the way that a gene is expressed, its phenotypic expression, meaning the make-up of a person’s body as well as their gender identity, is all a part of a person’s sex.”

Jones added that legal sex is also usually not decided by genetics or science, adding: “We know that to be true because most of you have never had your chromosomes checked, yet you have a sex assigned as a legal sex on your documentation.”

‘Mama Doctor Jones’ says being trans inclusive saves lives.

The gynaecologist said she had received a lot of backlash for being a trans-inclusive medical professional, with some people even threatening to report her to the medical board.

In response, Jones said: “If you think you need to report me for anything I’ve said in this video, which of note is expressly supported by every major medical organisation in the United States, feel free to do so.”

Being “vocally trans-inclusive” and endeavouring to use gender-neutral language as an OB-GYN she said is so important, she said, because it means saving lives.

She continued: “Transgender individuals have a very high rate of not seeking care due to dysphoria.

“If I call everybody I speak to a woman in videos like this, the likelihood that someone who identifies as a man but could benefit from the information watching that and feeling uncomfortable, like they don’t belong there, is really high.

“But if I just refer to everybody, when I speaking to a group of people, as people, it’s easy to listen and decide if the information applies to you… Trying to use gender neutral language decreases rates of depression and rates of suicide attempt in these patients.

“It’s important, it could save a life.”

To all the transphobes, she added: “At the end of the day, we are people and then we are grouped after that.

“And if you can’t feel comfortable being grouped with people, because being inclusive to others makes you feel excluded, then just make more room.”