Parents of trans kids reject JK Rowling’s ‘offensive’ suggestion that supporting their children means supporting conversion therapy

British author and screenwriter JK Rowling

More than 100 parents of trans kids have rejected JK Rowling’s “arrogant and offensive” suggestion that affirming a transgender child is a form of gay cure therapy.

The Fantastic Beasts author continued her very public spiral down an anti-trans rabbit hole on Sunday (5 July) with a Twitter thread which claimed without any evidence that “young people struggling with their mental health are being shunted towards hormones and surgery”.

Rowling added: “Many, myself included, believe we are watching a new kind of conversion therapy for young gay people, who are being set on a lifelong path of medicalisation that may result in the loss of their fertility and/or full sexual function.”

The bizarre, evidence-free claims from the author – who has not once supported efforts to ban actual, still-ongoing conversion therapy – has been challenged by 120 parents of trans kids.

Parents of trans kids tell JK Rowling they ‘will not be accused of homophobia’.

Trans children’s charity Mermaids collated responses to Rowling from parents who accepted their trans kids, all of whom have made clear: “I am the parent of a trans child and I will not be accused of homophobia.”

One mother, Harriet, wrote: “I am the proud lesbian feminist mother of a trans daughter. I will support her to live her life to the full regardless of her gender identity or sexuality, just as I was supported by my parents when I came out 25 years ago. I want her to feel as much pride in her identity as I feel in mine. Trans lives matter.”

Proud dad Peter put it succinctly: “If my daughter had come out as gay, I would’ve supported her. If my daughter had come out as bisexual, I would have supported her. My daughter came out as transgender so I supported her.”

JK Rowling attends the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them world premiere in 2016

JK Rowling attends the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them world premiere in 2016 (Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Helen wrote: “I am the parent of a trans child and I will not be accused of homophobia. My child identifies as transgender and also gay. He is a perfect example of what a loving, caring, empathetic human being should be. I am in awe of how he handles the challenges presented by society of both his ‘transness’ and his sexuality. He deserves my absolute support and unconditional love both of which I give with joy.”

Lynne, parent to two LGBT+ kids, wrote: “I am the parent of a trans son and I am also the parent of a bi daughter, I am not a homophobe and love my children for who they are.”

Parents push back at ‘highly offensive and disgusting’ claims.

A message from Sha, who has a transgender daughter, reads: “We love our daughter more than anything and accept her whoever she is, gay, straight, cis or trans, so for anyone to tell us we are homophobic is beyond arrogant and extremely offensive… she is an intelligent person with her own mind, and we respect that she is who she says she is.”

Marion wrote: “My children have the freedom to live as who they are and this includes my gay trans son, my lesbian daughter and my bisexual daughter. Having my support has allowed them to truly be who they are without exception. To suggest I may be homophobic is not only wrong it is highly offensive and disgusting.”

Jane added: “My trans daughter is just living as her true self, surrounded by the acceptance of her family and friends. I know many parents of trans children and all we want is the best for them whether they are gay, straight or trans. We are just ordinary families who happen to have trans children.

“Hermione is my daughter’s role model and she can continue to enjoy the books due to the fact that Emma Watson clearly states her support for her, when she says, ‘Protect trans kids’.'”