Pro-wrestler Nick Gage – king of the deathmatch’ and the ‘god of ultraviolence’ – just laid the smackdown on transphobia

Nick Gage wrestler trans rights

Pro-wrestler Nick Gage has stridently declared that trans rights are human rights in an expletive-filled video posted to social media.

Gage, king of the deathmatch and the “god of ultraviolence”, recorded a video expressing his support for the trans community in the face of an unrelenting campaign of hate.

“First off, I’m the God of this s**t,” Gage said in the video. “I’m the leader of the murder death kill gang. I got something to say right now.”

Pro-wrestling star Nick Gage says trans people are ‘human f**king beings’.

“I’m talking about trans rights right now. Especially in the climate of this America right now, trans rights are human rights. They are human f**king beings.”

He continued: “And if you’re transphobic, guess what, you see me, I’m gonna f**k you up. Shoutout to all the trans out there, support you. Keep fighting the fight.”

Gage shared the video on Twitter and said he loves all his fans, “including the trans fans”, who show him love everywhere he goes.

“I thought it was obvious that trans rights are human rights but I’ll say it again and if you got a problem wit [sic] that I’ll def fight you MDK,” he added.

Especially in the climate of this America right now, trans rights are human rights. They are human f**king beings.

The wrestler has been applauded on social media by fans.

“Nick Gage wrote Harry Potter. Pass it on!” one replied.

Another wrote: “When some of our wrestling heroes are turning it to real-life villains remember we still have Nick f**king Gage man.”

Another said: “This means the f**king world, seriously.”

He is not the first pro-wrestling star to show his support for the trans community.

Gage’s iconic video comes just months after wrestling star Chris Jericho showed his support for trans rights after he had the first openly trans wrestler Nyla Rose on his show.

After Rose appeared on his “Talk is Jericho” show in February, he posted a photo of them together to Instagram and wrote: “This is one of my favourite episodes of ‘TIJ ever, as I learned a lot about things I had no idea about. Thanks for the education Nyla!”

He promptly found himself on the receiving end of abuse from transphobia online – but the wrestling star was having none of it.

“Go study the transgender process and get back to me, junior,” he replied to one commenter.