CM Punk poses with fan’s trans rights sign calling out Rishi Sunak

CM Punk with a fan holding a sign that reads "Oi Rishi! Trans rights are human rights."

Pro wrestler CM Punk has stood solidarity with LGBTQ+ community once again – this time, by putting his around around a fan holding a trans rights sign following his bombastic win at AEW All-In.

The wrestling powerhouse, known outside of the squared circle as Philip Jack Brooks, stood next to a fan’s sign that read “Oi Rishi, trans rights are human rights” after his match at All Elite Wrestling (AEW) All-In on Sunday (27 August).

Punk managed to take the win during Sunday’s event at Wembley Stadium versus longtime rival Samoa Joe for the “real” AEW World Championship.

The brutal match ended in a shocking Pepsi Plunge by Punk and a pinfall after the two wrestlers were left bloody and beaten.

Following his win, the Chicago athlete fist-bumped and put his arm around a fan who held up the pro-LGBTQ+ sign before smiling and winking to the camera, with commentator Jim Ross saying: “Now that’s what we like.”

The sign appeared to call out British prime minister Rishi Sunak who has been criticised for his remarks about trans people in the past, including saying that trans women are not real women.

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The brief moment was met with elation from fans across the world, who thanked Punk for showing his solidarity with trans people and the LGBTQ+ community once again.

“CM Punk got [80,000] people in Wembley to cheer for trans rights, I don’t care if he’s rough around the edges I love him,” one user wrote.

“CM Punk gets a massive W for this. Would love to see more wrestlers very publicly advocate for trans rights.”

The self-proclaimed “Best in the World” used his return in June to hold up a sign calling to “protect LGBTQ+ youth.”

During his triumphant return, Punk grabbed a fan’s pro-LGBTQ+ sign and went on to discuss the importance of supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

“I reposted something for Pretty Cool Ice Cream. It was an ice cream bar that some of the proceeds, if you purchased a bar, went to support trans youth,” he said at the time.

“I got a lot of hate for reposting that message. Somebody in particular, don’t know who it is, a nameless, faceless, person on the Internet said, why do you support that trash?

“And I thought about replying, but you can’t argue with stupid, okay? You just both look stupid. The reason I support trans kids trans, grownups, gay, straight, lesbian, whoever is because I know when I was growing up, I didn’t fit in anywhere.”

While the moment was met with rightful celebration by LGBTQ+ fans everywhere, Punk’s All-In match was overshadowed by rumours that an altercation – known in wrestling as a “shoot fight” – took place between him and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry moments prior to the match.

According to backstage officials, an altercation broke out between Perry and Punk due to a similar altercation at an AEW Collision taping earlier this summer.

PWTorch reported that Punk allegedly confronted Perry while walking to his match, asking if he had a problem. It has also been suggested Punk then put Perry in a face lock and punches were thrown.

Following his match, Punk and Perry were both reportedly ordered to leave Wembley Stadium, with Punk being immediately escorted to his dressing room by security after the match.

AEW president Tony Khan said in a media scrum following the event that officials are investigating the incident.

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