Kristen Stewart says her directorial debut is ‘hard to watch’ after refusing to act if it wasn’t made

She spoke about details for The Chronology of Water. (Getty)

Kristen Stewart has said her directorial debut will be “hard to watch”, after previously refusing to act again if it wasn’t made.

Back in January, the Love Lies Bleeding star vowed that she wouldn’t act in another movie until she could secure funding for her adaptation of The Chronology of Water.

But fans of the actor-turned-director finally have some details about her upcoming rendition of the 2011 queer memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch, which appears to be finally coming to fruition. The film is set to be shot in Latvia, Europe, as a student-style piece. 

“I needed a sort of radical detachment. I am not a director yet. I need to make a student film. I can’t do that [in the US],” Stewart told Net-a-Porter in a recent interview.

Yuknavitch’s memoir discusses gender, violence, sexuality, family, addiction, self-destruction, and survival; topics Stewart was worried people might not want to see unfolding on screen.

She told the outlet: “It’s kind of a self-conscious thing to talk about because it’s hard to get anything made. You know, [a film] that’s not regurgitating something that’s pretty standardized.

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“My movie is about incest and periods and a woman violently repossessing her voice and body, and it is, at times, hard to watch… but it’s gonna be a f**king thrill ride. And I think that’s commercial, but I don’t think that I have any gauge on what that means.”

The actor continued, adding: “I think people would want to see that, but then… I think maybe people wanna watch movies about, like, Jesus and dogs.”

The star, who has recently been slated for an upcoming vampire movie alongside Oscar Isaac, said in a previous interview with Variety: “I’m going to make this movie before I ever work for someone else.

“Yeah, I will quit the f**king business. I won’t make a-f**king-nother movie until I make this movie. I will tell you that, for sure. I think that will get things going.”

She then doubled down on her plea to the industry, saying that she “really won’t” appear in another movie. 

More details for The Chronology of Water have yet to come to light, though Stewart said in the interview they were in the “soft prep” phase of production.