Woman kicks out her husband for disowning their gay son, then comes out as bi, in a jaw-dropping story for the ages

A mum who kicked out her homophobic husband in support of her gay son, and then came out as bisexual herself, has become a viral sensation on Reddit.

Writing anonymously under the handle u/CountryMamaLynn, the mum told her rollercoaster of a story on the r/lgbt subReddit.

She later deleted her account, and her story is unverified, but that hasn’t stopped Country Mama Lynn from becoming a queer icon among LGBT+ Redditors.

Over the weekend, the mum posted in the subReddit to say that her 15-year-old son had come out as gay the day before.

She wrote: “My husband kicked him out while I was at work… I left work early and drove over to my house where I saw my baby boy sitting on the curb with his clothes and s**t all across the damn lawn.”

Country Mama Lynn said her “soon-to-be ex-husband” was “not the man she thought she married”, and added: “I gave that b*****d a piece of my mind and told him that if he can’t be a man and support his son then he can kiss my a** and find someone else to pay his bills.”

She and her son took their things and went to a hotel, planning to later go and stay with her parents.

However, Country Mama Lynn later updated the post and said as she paid for the house, she had kicked Mark out.

She said she bought her son “a bunch of Pride stuff”, was “knitting him a rainbow blanket”, and when he told her that he had had a boyfriend for seven months she wrote: “I’m getting to meet him over FaceTime tomorrow and I’m so excited! I’m doing everything I can to make him feel loved.”

She added: “Get f**ked Mark.”

Gay Twitter branded Country Mama Lynn a “queen” and a “gay icon” with one person writing: “She is the moment. Gotta stan.”

She later added an update after Mark asked to meet her in person, and wrote: “I don’t trust him so I brought my adorable camo baseball bat just in case things went south.”

When they met up, Mark revealed that, as well as not supporting her gay son, he had also been having an affair.

“I don’t have to put up with this crap,” said Country Mama Lynn, “So I told him to haul a** before I make him.”

In a final twist to the story, the mother and internet sensation wrote one final post before deleting her account.

She said: “I was talking to my son… and found out my not be just a straight ally!

“I assumed all straight ladies were also just as attracted to other ladies as they were [to] men and I never really thought about it until now but turns out I might be bi? 

“Is that the right word? Thanks for all the love and support!”