Far-right activist calls Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot a ‘disgusting homosexual demon’ after being arrested outside her home

Bevelyn Beatty (Left) and Lori Lightfoot (Right)

Far-right Christian activist Bevelyn Beatty appeared in court after being arrested outside the home of Lori Lightfoot, and attacked the Chicago mayor as a “reprobate-minded, disgusting, homosexual demon”.

Beatty was arrested in August after she and others failed to disperse following a protest outside Lightfoot’s home, and on Monday (October 5) was told by a judge she could face jail time over the incident.

Following her court appearance, she released a vile video filled with homophobic slurs against Lightfoot.

“Let me tell you something, you reprobate-minded, disgusting, homosexual demon,” Beatty said in the clip.

“You’re nasty. You lay in a bed with the same sex, yet you try to make laws of righteousness. You’re vile. You’re disgusting. You’re wicked.”

Beatty confirmed in the video that she is facing misdemeanour charges for the incident outside of Lightfoot’s home.

She continued her stream of bigotry by claiming she would hire a “nice, short, stubby, fat, Jewish, Christian lawyer” to “get” the Chicago mayor.

Prior to her Chicago arrest, Beatty rose to national notoriety after being detained for defacing a Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower in New York.

Within hours of her release she pulled a similar stunt, smearing black paint on the outside of midtown skyscrapers and several more Black Lives Matter murals.

Beatty is proud Trump supporter, while Lightfoot is among the president’s most vocal critics.

Speaking at a July event to promote sign-ups for the US Census, Lightfoot gave a rousing political address urging Chicagoans to stand up and fight for a democracy that is now “under siege from multiple directions”.

“To those who think I’m referring to president Trump and his brazen corruption and attack on our institutions, I’ll save the suspense. I am,” she said.

“But the siege I’m speaking about is about more than just one man – even though he is very much a symptom of the cause. Our democracy is under siege because we are losing the engagement democracy demands in alarming ways.”