Trailblazing Black bisexual politician says he ‘will not be silenced’ after being charged with multiple counts of fraud

Antonio Brown, made history in 2019 when he became the youngest and first openly bisexual elected member of Atlanta City Council.

A trailblazing Black bisexual politician Antonio Brown, who sits on Atlanta City Council, has been indicted on fraud charges.

Brown made history in 2019 when he became the youngest and first openly bisexual elected member of Atlanta City Council.

But just a year on from his election win, the LGBTQ Victory Fund-backed politician has been indicted by a federal grand jury on fraud charges

The politician is charged with wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud and making false statements on a bank loan application, relating to incidents over a number of years before his election.

Atlanta politician accused of defrauding banks out of thousands.

US Attorney Byung J Pak told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “For years, Antonio Brown allegedly sought to defraud a number of banks and credit card companies by falsely claiming that he was the victim of identity theft.”

According to the indictment Brown “incurred thousands of dollars’ worth of credit card charges and took out over $60,000 in automobile loans to finance the purchases of a Mercedes and Range Rover”.

He then “falsely claimed to credit bureaus, banks, and credit card companies that he had not incurred those credit card charges and had not sought those automobile loans”, the feds say.

Atlanta city council politician Antonio Brown

Atlanta city council member Antonio Brown

The indictment alleges that Brown “personally benefited” from the proceeds of the fraud, buying himself plane tickets in his own name among other extravagances.

Antonio Brown says his voice ‘will not be silenced’.

Despite the indictment, Brown has insisted he won’t resign.

He tweeted: “I’ve been fighting against status quo leadership since I came onto Atlanta City Council, even at times on an island alone.

“My voice will not be silenced. I will continue to speak out against the systemic injustices Black poor communities have endured for decades in Atlanta.”

He added: “Everyday, I wake battling my ‘demons’ in a constant fight for peace. Some days I win and others I fall short, which is OK! Life isn’t about portraying perfection – it’s accepting we’re flawed on a journey to live, learn, and grow as we become a reflection of God’s love within us.”

City council leader Felicia Moore wrote: “As the public has been made aware, council member Antonio Brown has recently been indicted by the US Department of Justice on multiple charges unrelated to his service on the Atlanta City Council.

“At this time, no vacancy on council exists as a result of this occurrence. A vacancy would only exist in the event of a resignation, conviction, or state-level suspension.

“Per the US Attorney’s Office, please be reminded that the indictment only contains charges and the defendant is presumed innocent until otherwise proven at trial. This is a personal matter to be addressed by Mr Brown as he undergoes due process of the law.”