Football legend Paul Gascoigne says he’s ‘proud’ of his bisexual son Regan after he came out on live TV

Regan Gascoigne

Football legend Paul Gascoigne has opened up about the moment his son came out as bisexual last year.

Regan Gascoigne came out as bisexual in a Sunday Mirror interview before talking about his identity with ITV’s Lorraine last year – and his footballer dad found out at the same time as the rest of the world.

“He texted me the night before and I saw him on the TV talking about it,” Paul recalled in an interview with The Mirror

“I told him: ‘It doesn’t matter what you do son, I will support you 100 per cent, you have to do what makes you happy.'”

“I thought ‘bless him’. To go on TV and do that is hard.

“He is a professional dancer, he is a fit guy, and I am very proud of him.”

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Regan came out as bisexual in November 2019.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror at the time, Regan said: “I’m bisexual, I date men and women. I’m really open about that.

“I haven’t had a lot of relationships though. I’ve only dated three people. I haven’t told my dad but I don’t think he will mind.

“He is proud of me whatever I do and whatever decisions I make.”

Regan Gascoigne hadn’t seen his father in over a year when he came out.

When Regan Gascoigne opened up about his sexuality last year, he revealed that he had not seen his father in over a year.

Regan has had a fractured relationship with his father, and the pair have not seen much of each other since Paul and Sheryl Gascoigne split in 1999.

As a child, Regan spent his weekends visiting his father at the Priory Hospital in Roehampton, where the ex-England player underwent rehab for alcohol, drugs and mental ill-health.

“I first realised dad had a problem with drink when I used to spend weekends in The Priory,” he said.

“Although that might sound weird, to have spent some of your childhood playing there, we did used to have some funny times.

“I would always play pranks. We have similar traits […] OCD being one of them.”