Barbra Streisand turns one of her biggest and best hits into a stonking anti-Trump anthem

Barbra Streisand

Gay icon Barbra Streisand is encouraging LGBT+ voters to head to the polls and oust Donald Trump with her iconic 1979 hit, “Enough is Enough”.

The star gave her blessing for the song to be used in a super-PAC music video highlighting the president’s appalling LGBT+ record over the last four years, alongside the stark warning that 50 per cent of LGBT+ Americans didn’t vote in the last election.

“What have you got to lose?” Trump asked in 2016. The video then shows a newsreel of familiar clips, including Trump barring trans people from serving in the military, denying visas for the same-sex partners of diplomats, and proposing a rule allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT+ parents.

“The LGBT+ vote could have made the difference,” the video states. Streisand herself hammers the message home with a cameo at the end: “Enough is enough! Vote proud.”

The video is a collaboration between MeidasTouch and voting awareness group Vote Proud, which was co-founded by Bruce Roberts, the original lyricist and composer of Streisand’s song.

“I wrote ‘Enough Is Enough’ many years ago,” Roberts said in a statement. “Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer recorded it and had a global number one record, selling millions. And all these years later it has become an anthem for change and equality in America today.

“I am proud to be working with MeidasTouch on this initiative to spread the message using my song.”

The statement also notes Trump’s history of using songs at his rallies without the artists’ permission. The president has now collected a string of cease-and-desists from Elton John, Adele, Neil Young, Rihanna, Axl Rose, Tom Petty and Brendan Urie.

Like many in the entertainment industry, Streisand has made no secret of her opposition to Trump, and in 2018 she released the track “Love’s Never Wrong” to push back against his hateful rhetoric.

Confirming the meaning behind the track, Streisand told Maclean’s: “He’s trying to divide our nation and the world. That’s what’s so scary. Diversity is proven to be our strength.

“To say people are how they are because of how they were born – it’s that thinking that is wrong. I believe different shouldn’t be judged by any other kind of meter.”