YouTuber Lohanthony denies rumours that he was a victim of conversion therapy after finding Jesus and denouncing his sexuality

Lohanthony christian

YouTuber Lohanthony has denied rumours that he was a victim of conversion therapy, after announcing that he had found Jesus and denounced his sexuality.

This month Lohanthony, who found internet fame as a sassy, swear-y, proudly gay teenager, posted a video titled “Jesus delivers – surviving sexuality”, in which he discussed “sexuality and [his] call to Christian celibacy”.

He said that he had been “wounded” by sexual abuse and drug and alcohol dependency, which led him to a “decade-long search for gay love that would ultimately end with disappointment… a void, which was later filled by Jesus Christ”.

But Lohanthony’s repeated use of the phrase “same-sex attraction” and his promotion of the idea that his sexual orientation was linked to childhood trauma and addiction had fans concerned that the he may have become the victim of Christian conversion therapy.

Now in a new video, titled “Conversion Therapy and God’s Truth”, the YouTuber has insisted that this is not the case.

He said that the “gay community” had “come to the conclusion that I hate myself, and love conversion therapy”. Quoting a fan who had asked him whether he had been to a “conversion camp”, he responded: “No.”

Lohanthony continued: “I have been changed, but I do not support conversion camp or conversion therapy… I support abandoning consuming lusts, both homosexual and heterosexual alike.

“No person is safe from lusting over whoever we’re attracted to, both single or in marriage.”

He added: “I support leaving our old ways behind, especially if we’re saved. Ways ruled by the flesh, ways ruled by sensual want, and ways unreflective of how Jesus walked.”

But Matthew Vines, the director of LGBT+ Christian inclusion non-profit The Reformation Project and an expert in “ex-gay” Christians, told Insider that although Lohanthony had “softened his rhetoric” in the follow-up video, his message is still concerning.

He said: “Many conservative Christians view all same-sex relationships as ‘consuming lusts’.

“As a result, they believe that avoiding lust for straight people means getting married, but for gay people, it means lifelong singleness and celibacy… Unfortunately, nothing in this new video contradicts his earlier stigmatisation of all same-sex relationships.”