Beauty influencer insists she has ‘lots of gay fans’ after calling queer people ‘mentally sick perverts’. Sure, Jan

Beauty influencer Lady Samara goes on anti gay rant

Lady Samara, a beauty influencer in Tunisia, has defended going on a homophobic rant, and calling LGBT+ people “mentally sick perverts”, by insisting that she has “lots of gay fans”.

Samara, who has almost half a million Instagram followers and 250,000 YouTube subscribers, posted a 23-minute homophobic rant last week sparking outrage online.

According to Queerty, she said in the Instagram video: “I do not respect homosexuality. This disgusting act [is something] I can’t stand seeing.

“I can’t see two men kissing. I can’t see two women having sex.”

She also claimed that “gay people are trying to brainwash our children to become gay” and insisted that she will never change her opinion.

Lady Samara added: “The new generation is in grave danger because they see sassiness and homosexuality becoming normal. Stop this phenomenon!”

The beauty influencer in Tunisia, where “acts of sodomy” between consenting adults are punishable by up to three years in prison, also threatened to “kill” her daughter if she ever found out that she was gay.


A petition has been started to have her Instagram account removed, and has already been signed by almost 9,000 people.

The petition reads: “Lady Samara, a Tunisian content creator, has been using her platform on Instagram to spread hate speech against the queer community in Tunisia… This Instagrammer was not ready to debate the topic and kept on encouraging her followers to speak up against homosexuality, not to be afraid to express their homophobia, and to avoid interacting with queer people.”

It states that “countless” members of the queer community in Tunisia are reported Lady Samara’s Instagram profile, but it still remains online.

“By signing this petition you are saving 445,000 followers from being brainwashed into this business of homophobia and hate symbols,” it adds.

In response to the blistering backlash, Lady Samara later attempted to defend her homophobic rant, claiming that she was “neither for… nor against” gay people, before insisting that she has “lots of gay fans”.

Earlier this year, another beauty influencer launched an anti-LGBT+ attack online that had tragic consequences.

Naoufal Moussa, also known as Sofia Talouni, from Morocco encouraged her hundreds of thousands of followers to track down gay men through dating apps and publicly out them.

LGBT+ activists in Morocco later confirmed that at least one gay man had died by suicide after being hunted down and publicly outed.