‘Castigation of homophobia’ Schitt’s Creek brings in a record-breaking haul at the Emmy Awards

Schitt's Creek brings in a record-breaking haul at the Emmys

Beloved comedy series Schitt‘s Creek has shattered records with a clean sweep at the Emmy Awards, winning all of the major comedy categories.

The show’s co-creator and star Dan Levy gave a number of emotional speeches at the ceremony, held virtually on Sunday night, as the show’s final season picked up a record nine awards — the most ever for a comedy show in a single year.

As well as picking up the awards for best comedy series, outstanding writing and outstanding directing, the show’s cast swept all of the comedic acting categories — with Eugene Levy winning for lead actor, Catherine O’Hara winning for lead actress, Dan Levy winning for supporting actor, and Annie Murphy wining for supporting actress.

Schitt’s Creek ‘is a castigation of homophobia’.

Accepting the award for outstanding comedy series, Dan Levy said: “This show at its core is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance, and that is something that we need more of now than we’ve ever needed before.

“I just wanted to say for any of you who have not registered to vote, please do so, and then go out and vote because that is the only way that we are going to have some love and acceptance out there.”

Schitt's Creek brings in a record-breaking haul at the Emmys

Schitt’s Creek has shattered records at the Emmy Awards

His father, co-creator and co-star Eugene Levy paid an emotional tribute to his son, adding: “I want to thank once again this young man who took our fish-out-of-water story about the Rose family and transformed it into a celebration of inclusivity, a castigation of homophobia, and a declaration of the power of love.”

Elton John makes a surprise appearance at Emmy Awards to praise record-breaking show.

The cast also received a surprise message from Elton John during the ceremony, who said: “I love Schitt’s Creek for its big Canadian heart, but three things really made the show an all-time favourite of mine.

“One, they name-checked me in an episode, two I met the cast after one of my shows in Italy, and three, Daniel Levy was named after one of my songs. I challenge any other nominated comedy to top that!”

After the show’s finale earlier this year, Dan Levy spoke about the many parents who wrote to thank them for helping understand and embrace their children’s identity.

Levy said it is “the greatest takeaway I could have ever imagined from this show”.

“I just think back to times in my life when I was still in the closet and really struggling, and thinking if I was going to be able to live an open and authentic life myself,” he told GLAAD.

“It is such a stark discrepancy between who I was as a teenager and who I am now.

“I am really proud of the work that we did, and I am humbled by the change that we seem to have affected in people’s lives and people’s homes.”

Although the story is over for now, Levy has teased that Schitt’s Creek could return for another season down the line.

Other big winners at the Emmys include Queer Eye, which picked up the award for structured reality show, and RuPaul, who netted a best reality host award alongside a best reality competition win for Drag Race.