Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey joins OnlyFans, sparking fierce debate over sexism, double standards and Bella Thorne

Tyler Posey poses as he sings about his new OnlyFans account. Some fans, however, were not impressed. (Instagram)

Tyler Posey blessed the world Monday evening (28 September) by revealing that he has an OnlyFans account, but in doing so, sparked debate around the sexist double-standards that straddle women.

The Teen Wolf star announced the link of truly religious importance on Instagram with a video that sees him strumming on his guitar, naked, singing what can only be described as song comparable in both sound and quality to an unreleased Blink 182 demo track.

Charging $14.99 per month, fans of the 28-year-old jumped at the chance, to quote Posey in the post, to “get wet” with him.

Yet, many of the actor’s 5.8million followers were quick to draw comparisons between the reaction Posey has received for joining the platform, which sees fans pay for content online, compared with Bella Thorne.

In August, Throne, 22, rocketed up the website’s ranks to become the first user to make $1million in less than 24 hours after she unexpectedly joined – for research purposes, she said, around how women are shamed for their bodies ahead of a documentary she’s involved in.

But she soon drew a thorny response from followers for allegedly charging $200 for a “nude” photograph.

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As countless fans demanded refunds, OnlyFans was forced, fans said, to cap the amount content-creators can charge for pay-per-view materials, plunging many of its users, mainly sex workers, into jeopardy.

But in a plot twist that, honestly, who saw coming? Thorne revealed in an Instagram story that she in fact directed some of the content set to be rolled out on Posey’s OnlyFans.

As fans compare the Teen Wolf star and Bella Thorne, the Disney star reveals she directed some of his content. 

“You guys asked for it, and I supplied,” Posey wrote in an Instagram post. “I now have an only fans [sic].

“Follow the link in my bio and come get wet with me! haha.”

“For exclusive content from Tyler Posey,” the video stated, “join Tyler Posey on OnlyFans.” Around 5,000 people subscribed in less than a day.

Sources told PinkNews that such “exclusive content” at the time of writing amounts to five photographs and a single video uploaded Sunday (27 September). The video is of him resting his feet on his dog and saying: “Chillin’, killin’.”

Meanwhile, the five photographs include a selfie of Posey posing while smoking, a headless but semi-shirtless picture of him offering the viewer a light, and two photographs of his feet – the most tipped of them all.

At least two of the OnlyFans posts appear to have been taken earlier this month, being identical to two Instagram posts albeit, with a few minor cosmetic differences.

The latest post is of Posey wearing motorcycle gear in a photograph series directed by Thorne herself.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Thorne shared a post by photographer Akram Soliman, which credits Thorne as the shoot’s director.

“Tyler Posey got an Onlyfans?! And I directed all his content?!” she added, before sharing a video teasing the content she directed, which shows Posey strumming on more guitars, skate-boarding and wearing a chef’s uniform while naked.

New subscribers to Posey’s account, the source added, are greeted by a smiley but, alas, semi-clothed Posey saying: “Hey guys, thank you for subscribing to my OnlyFans.

“I hope we have fun, just like I have.”

Thirsty Tyler Posey OnlyFans subscribers accused of ‘hypocrisy’ after Bella Thorn browbeaten for doing the same. 

Thorne, however, did not have as much fun as Posey is currently enjoying, as fans were quick to point out on social media.

Fans sought to remind those hastily thirsting over Posey for creating an account that Thorne’s arrival did not receive as warm a reception, while many criticised already affluent celebrities for making inroads on a platform that so-often provides sex-workers with a vital financial lifeline.

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