An ‘11-year-old lesbian with blue hair’ was grounded for writing ‘F**k Trump’ outside houses with MAGA signs – until she went viral

lesbian maga

A Twitter user has gone viral after posting about her little sister, Fiona, who was grounded for writing “F**k Trump”, “Black Lives Matter” and “All Cops Are B*****ds” outside houses with MAGA signs.

The viral post read: “Y’ALL so APPARENTLY my sister has been writing things like BLM, ACAB, and f**k Trump on the sidewalks in front of people’s houses who have Trump signs and this dude put up a camera to catch who it is.

“Imagine his surprise to find out it’s a little 11-year-old lesbian with blue hair on a bike.”

She continued: “My mom was HOLLLLERING when he came angrily to the door in his MAGA hat and mask explaining how he caught the ‘culprit’ of such crimes.”

The 11-year-old had used sidewalk chalk, and although she was “applauded for using her voice” by their mother, she was still given “a talking to” about swearing and “treating people with respect”. She was also grounded.

However, praise and support for the protest began flooding in, with one person responding: “Ma’am on behalf of a grown Latina lesbian let me just say thanks to this lil’ baby gay and that she doesn’t deserve to be grounded for this.

“Sticking up for POC is very worthy and the things MAGAs stand for are far worse than cuss words.

“She just gotta be careful to stay safe.”

Another wrote: “If F**k Trump isn’t the correct way to use the F word then I don’t know what is.”

Eventually, Fiona’s mum Brandy decided to reactivate her own Twitter account to clap back at the homophobes, and to reveal that LGBT+ Twitter had worked its magic.

She wrote: “Based on the latest Twitter response, it looks like #princessfiona is no longer grounded. #thepeoplehavespoken.”

She added: “We don’t accept hate from any side. She screwed up. She knows it. She was devastated to realize she was making them feel like she felt.

“She learned the lesson that standing up for what you believe in is one thing, tearing someone down to do it is another.”

Despite two days of being grounded, Fiona was thrilled about the love she’d received from the online queer community.

Brandy wrote: “You guys!!! She’s loving this! The support has been amazing! Go ahead and question my parenting. I’ve got five daughters. Bring it.”