Pete Buttigeig furiously tears into Donald Trump’s frenetic town hall performance – and shades Lindsey Graham for good measure

Donald Trump and Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg has delivered a stunning takedown of Donald Trump over his frenetic town hall performance – and he went on to throw some shade at Lindsey Graham too.

Trump was compared to a “crazy uncle” during his bizarre NBC town hall event, which aired on Thursday night (October 15).

During the event, Trump was quizzed by moderator Suavannah Guthrie on his debts, his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, and his support of a QAnon conspiracy theory.

And it’s fair to say that Buttigieg, the gay former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, had some thoughts.

Pete Buttigieg tore into Donald Trump in a furious tweet after the president’s town hall event.

Writing on Twitter, Buttigieg said: “Just imagine turning on the TV, seeing your president, and feeling your blood pressure go down instead of up.”

Buttigieg summed up the feelings of LGBT+ people everywhere as they watched Trump dodge questions and limply defend his own record as president of the United States.

Just imagine turning on the TV, seeing your president, and feeling your blood pressure go down instead of up.

He went on to throw shade at South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham after video footage circulated online showing him asking for campaign donations in a federal building. Campaign activity is not allowed inside federal buildings, according to the US Senate Select Committee on Ethics.

Buttigieg retweeted a tweet from White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany which praised Graham for defending his “religiously conservative” and anti-abortion views.

Sharing the tweet, Buttigieg wrote: “Is it OK to publicly solicit campaign contributions while on Senate business in a federal building? Or is there some kind of felony statute covering that sort of thing?

“Asking for Lindsey Graham,” he added.

Donald Trump was compared to a ‘crazy uncle’ during his bizarre town hall event.

During Trump’s town hall event, he was compared to a “crazy uncle” by moderator Savannah Guthrie during a quizzing on his support for a QAnon conspiracy theory which claimed that Joe Biden had had a navy Seal team killed.

When Guthrie asked him to denounce QAnon and “just say it’s crazy and not true”, Trump claimed he didn’t know anything about the right-wing group – despite the fact that he retweeted the claim.

“That was a retweet! People can decide for themselves,” Trump spluttered.

Guthrie replied: “I don’t get that. You’re the president, not someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever.”

Those words resonated so strongly with the president’s niece Mary Trump who reminded the world that, for her, Guthrie’s throwaway remark wasn’t too far from the truth.

“Actually…” she replied in a single tweet that spoke volumes.