Sam Smith reflects on being ‘hit hard’ by panic attacks, anxiety and depression

Sam Smith

Sam Smith has opened up about their experiences with panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

Smith told Apple host Zane Lowe Sunday (October 18) about a time when they were dealing with mental health issues “for the first time”.

The Grammy Award-winning singer said: “I’ve always been sad, but for the first time I actually really had mental health issues, like panic attacks, anxiety and depression”. 

They went on to say that they were “hit hard” by mental health issues and struggled to deal with them.

“It really hit me hard. I think it was PTSD probably from before,” the 28-year old said.

When recalling this period in time, Smith revealed that they went through a breakup which “didn’t help”, adding: “It was a tough time, really tough.”

Smith explained that they found it particularly difficult coming down from the “adrenaline high” that followed performing on stage, in front of a crowd.

“The adrenaline high that you hit when you’re on stage, that when you come off, the silence in a changing room is really, really tough.

“It has taken me six, seven years to actually work out what I need to make that OK.”

Over the weekend Smith appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss their new album Love Goes, which will be released on October 30.

They also revealed they were booted off the mobile dating app Hinge for looking like Sam Smith.

“I joined this dating site called Hinge in the UK, and they chucked me off of it after one night because they thought I was a catfish pretending to be me.”

Cohen joked that Smith should consider using Tinder instead as he could help them get verified on the app. “I need to,” they said, “so, I’m gonna do Tinder!” 

After the interview aired, Hinge tweeted Smith, saying: “Sorry, Sam Smith!