Anderson Cooper suffers hilarious slip of the tongue live on air and let’s just say we’ll never be able to think of Twitter the same way

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has provided another stellar Anderson Blooper by referring to Twitter as “Clitter”.

The CNN anchor did his best to rescue us all from impending doom in the middle of CNN’s election coverage on Wednesday (November 4).

While discussing the president’s usage of the famous social network, Cooper picked up the leader for “making false claims on Clitter… excuse me, on Twitter”.

As one might imagine, the gaffe bought delight to an internet deeply in need of laughs.

Glee star Kevin McHale wrote: “Thank you Anderson, ‘Clitter’ is what I needed today.”

One Twitter user said: “I literally almost fell over twice today because of how sleep deprived I am LOL and then Anderson calling Twitter ‘Clitter’ damn I feel you and I can’t stop laughing”.

Another wrote: “I wish Twitter was called Clitter because I feel sure Trump couldn’t find it then.”

A horny-on-main user added: “I know he’s less than interested, but Anderson Cooper can reference my Clitter anytime he wants.”

Anderson Cooper is the shining light in a dark election.

Anderson Cooper has been having an excellent election period so far, barely holding it together on air last month as the Village People’s “Macho Man” blared over a live report from a Trump rally.

The CNN anchor desperately tried to keep a straight face as the anti-LGBT+ president walked on stage to the soundtrack of a gay anthem.

Cooper has also taken to calling out Trump’s claims about the election being “stolen” by Democrats.

On Tuesday (November 3), he asserted in no uncertain terms: “We hear what the president is talking about and what he’s saying is BS. It’s complete BS.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

He has also challenged Republicans over their lack of condemnation for armed militia groups that threatened violence outside voting centers.

Challenging Rick Santorum, he said: “Those caravans of armed Trump folks driving around and blocking traffic, that’s not a concern to you?

“As a white Republican, you’re not scared about, like, armed white Trump supporters wandering around cities they don’t live in. The president doesn’t seem to be, because he likes it when they show up.”