Bette Midler turns Donald Trump’s dismal presidential election loss into a scathing Broadway musical

Bette Midler upgraded Donald Trump's dismal loss in the presidential election into a musical number. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Proving that the world is already a better place since Joe Biden won the presidential election, Bette Midler has transformed Donald Trump’s dismal loss into a pretty catchy musical.

Bette Midler has long made it clear that she was no fan of the Republican and in a two-minute-long video, captures not only what a turbulent four years with Trump in the White Office it’s been, but the sense of relief felt that it has come to an end.

In a montage, the Hocus Pocus star recalled some beloved Trump classics that we will well and truly not miss, such as building a wall for no reason or drinking bleach for, well, also no reason.

“Hi, Donnie,” she begins in the video made in collaboration with Meidas Touch, a political action committee, “I’ve sent you so many e-mails and you never respond.

“So I have decided to address you in a song.

“You stay up late at night and tweet away. There’s not a shred of truth in what you say.”

Yup. This song is going to live rent-free in our heads for the next few eternities, to be honest.

“Go shove your stupid wall,” she belts, “we’ll send a nice U-Haul.”

The 74-year-old tells Trump to “pack all his lies away”, with a New York Times headline referring to the real estate mogul’s pockmarked and shoddy tax returns, full of holes and losses, that he long refused to disclose.

The song becomes the 90s clip show episode: Showing the thinned-out crowds of Trump’s inauguration compared to Barack Obama’s, the Trump baby balloon and the time the hair blew him exposing the tan lines on his, er, scalp.

“I’m sure your family’s gonna miss you, but I won’t and the rest of us won’t either!

“In fact, we’ll be dancing in the streets!” she added, before saying that Trump may soon be locked-up in Rikers Island and that his jail cell will be featured “in Architectural Digest”.

“Well, nice talking to you. Have a nice trip, and enjoy Rikers! Hasta la vista, chump!”