Joe Biden ‘almost certain’ to make Pete Buttigieg America’s first permanent out gay cabinet official. Here’s where he could land

Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is almost certainly set for a high-profile  role in Joe Biden’s cabinet after coming out to bat for him on the campaign trail.

The former South Bend, Indiana mayor emerged as one of the strongest and most passionate surrogates for the Biden-Harris camp ahead of the November 3 election, attracting attention with his regular bubble-busting appearances challenging Republican narratives on Fox News.

Buttigieg, who endorsed Biden during the Democratic primaries as he ended his own campaign back in March, looks set to be rewarded with a high-profile role in the future president’s top team.

If confirmed, Buttigieg would be the first openly gay person ever to hold a full-time cabinet post – though controversial gay Trump official Richard Grenell previously held the cabinet-level role of Director of National Intelligence on an interim basis.

Pete Buttigieg is in line for a huge role in Biden-Harris administration.

It is not yet clear which post Buttigieg is in line for, with varying reports from Politico and Axios putting him in the frame for several key roles.

The multi-lingual politician, seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party, is reportedly said to favour the post of ambassador to the United Nations, which would put him at the heart of the country’s foreign policy and give him priceless experience for any potential future run for office.

His name is also thought to be in contention for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which would be a natural fit for the Afghanistan war veteran, but perhaps a lower-profile role than he could have hoped for.

With one eye on the future, Buttigieg could also take “a job letting him burnish his credibility with the African American community”, Axios speculates – with his previous focus on housing in South Bend prospectively putting him in the frame for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Pete Buttigieg has earned a reputation for his Fox News appearances

Pete Buttigieg has earned a reputation for his Fox News appearances. (Fox News)

Given Buttigieg’s success as a TV surrogate for Biden and Harris, other pundits have speculated he could be offered a non-cabinet role within the White House itself, whether press secretary or counselor to the president, that would enable him to carry on more prominently as Slayer Pete.

Joe Biden promised big role to Mayor Pete.

Biden publicly promised some form of role to Buttigieg as he received his endorsement in March, explaining: “I did speak to Pete Buttigieg a couple of days ago to encourage him to stay engaged because he has enormous talent.

“I indicated to him that if I become the nominee, I’d come and ask him to be part of the administration, to be engaged in moving things forward.”

Addressing the election result over the weekend, Buttigieg said: “Today we have heard from an American majority ready for change, eager for something so much better than what we’ve been living with these last four years.

“How refreshing that our president-elect is already at work to unite and heal – ready to serve everyone who voted for this ticket, and everyone who didn’t.”