Rupert Everett claims Piers Morgan is a ‘slobby bully who’s hung like a budgie’ in brutal takedown

Rupert Everett Piers Morgan

Rupert Everett once said Piers Morgan reminded him of all the people he was “terrified” of at school and branded him “slobby and elephantine”.

The gay actor eviscerated Morgan in an interview with The Guardian in 2012 – and he had the comments read back to him by none other than the Good Morning Britain host himself.

During Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain (9 November), Morgan broadcast a first-look clip at an upcoming interview with Everett on the new series of Life Stories. 

“Let’s just go through what you said about me in The Guardian in September 2012,” Morgan says to Everett in the clip.

“‘To me, Piers Morgan was a person who reminded me exactly of all the people I was terrified of at school. I don’t like how he is. He takes it too seriously. He’s a killer, he’s pathological.'”

“Well you admitted it yourself, you are. You want to win!” Everett replies.

Rupert Everett eviscerated Piers Morgan – and the Good Morning Britain host read the comments back to him in an interview.

Morgan continued quoting Rupert Everett: “‘He’s kind of slobby, elephantine.’ It gets better, you then brought my wife into it. ‘But I can’t imagine him with poor Celia [Walden]. She’s gorgeous and very funny, she deserves to be f**ked by a God.’

“‘I’ve always imagined him to be hung like a budgie underneath it all,'” Morgan quoted from the interview.

Everett appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the clip with Morgan, with the presenter telling him: “You’re wrong factually on some of that, but it would be indecent of me to say which bits on morning television.”

In the original interview with The Guardian, published in September 2012, Everett spoke about finding himself on a team with Morgan on Comic Relief Does The Apprentice.

“Seeing Morgan and Alaister [Campbell] and Ross Kemp was like a flashback to me of exactly why I peeled off from the mainstream in life so very early,” Everett said in the interview.

“Just feeling outside from groups of rugger-buggers at school; they just set off a kind of alarm bell in me.”

However, Everett also praised Morgan in the interview for moulding himself “into a new career” and said he was “quite clever”.

“Also, he reminds me of Oscar Wilde, in a way. He could play Oscar Wilde if you put him in a long wig – he’s so kind of slobby and elephantine,” he said.

The gay actor has recently hit out at the trans rights movement – because apparently he has nothing better to focus on in 2020.

The new interview comes just weeks after Rupert Everett spoke out against the movement for trans rights, saying it had “completely overshadowed” gay issues.

Speaking to The Times, the 61-year-old Shakespeare in Love actor bemoaned that he now feels like “the wrong type of queen” and that the gay community has “completely lost our profile”.

He also suggested that young people today are overly reproachful and said he was afraid of being “cancelled” for speaking about transgender issues.

His views mirror those of Morgan, who has used his platforms to repeatedly attack and denigrate trans people. He has repeatedly hit out at non-binary singer Sam Smith on his morning talkshow.