Marina calls out oppression faced by women and queer people at the hands of, you guessed it, straight men

Marina Man's World music video

Marina Diamandis explores the ways in which women and LGBT+ people have been “subjugated and discriminated against” by straight men in her new song “Man’s World”.

The pop star, who rose to fame as Marina and the Diamonds, but is now known by her first name, released the lead single from her upcoming fifth album on Wednesday (18 November), and later told Vogue that the song was inspired by the oppression of women and LGBT+ people.

“Each record I do is sort of like the opposite of the previous one,” Marina said.

“At the time [of writing the song], I was mostly inspired by the shifts that are happening for people who are discriminated against.”

Marina wrote ‘Man’s World’ about the ‘subjugation’ of women and LGBT+ people.

“The original idea for the song was to write a snapshot of how women and LGBTQ+ individuals have been subjugated and discriminated against throughout history going back to the Salem witch trials, where any person who was deemed abnormal or slightly alternative was singled out.”

Marina continued: “Those kinds of patterns are still present in society. That’s something inspiring to me and worth writing about.”

Later in the interview, the singer spoke about her penchant for writing songs about “socio-political” topics such as rape culture.

Speaking about her new song “Man’s World”, Marina said: “In terms of what I wanted to convey, I think there’s always been so many different ways to humiliate minority groups in order to stop them from gaining power. For women, that always seems to be by discarding their work or picking something out about their physical appearance of lifestyle.”

Those kinds of patterns are still present in society. That’s something inspiring to me and worth writing about.

Marina unleashed the music video for “Man’s World” on Wednesday, which features female and non-binary dancers.

Twitter had an absolute field day with the music video, with many praising Marina for shining a light on the plight of minority groups.

The Welsh singer-songwriter has a huge LGBT+ following and has used her platform to speak out in favour of queer rights on a number of occasions throughout her career.

In 2015, she told HuffPost that she loved her LGBT+ fanbase, but said: “When you’re an artist, you giving a s**t does not equate to going ‘I love you guys!’ five times a day on Twitter. If you want to do something, you do it in action.”

She added: “I am always up for support anyone who has suffered prejudice or discrimination – and I always will be.”