Perez Hilton wishes Ellen DeGeneres would have taken ‘more accountability’ for her chat show’s toxic culture

Ellen DeGeneres Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton wishes Ellen DeGeneres had taken “more accountability” for the toxic culture on the set of her show that almost caused her downfall.

DeGeneres has seen her reputation torn to shreds in recent months, from being called “one of the meanest people alive” to allegations that racism, bullying and harassment were rampant on the set of her long-running talkshow.

She broke her silence on the allegations in September, telling viewers of her show that she was “so sorry” to those affected by backstage issues on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Reflecting on her apology, Hilton said he wishes she would have taken more “accountability” for what happened behind the scenes on the show.

The gossip columnist told The Australian that the furore was a “speed bump in the road” for DeGeneres, but noted that the backlash could signal a new standard for how famous figures are expected to conduct themselves.

Perez Hilton says Ellen DeGeneres won’t quit.

“Many careers in entertainment are extremely stressful,” Perez Hilton said.

“You should work hard, that is the culture. But it should also be a professional environment, which means a boss, someone in a position of power, should not ask you out on a date or proposition you, or even scream at you.

“If somebody’s lazy and they’re not willing to work the hours, fire them. But you don’t need to scream, dehumanise them or insult them.”

He continued: “I do wish she would have taken even more accountability, because there have been reports that she was aware to some extent, and in the room sometimes, when inappropriate things were happening.

“But she’s Ellen… why would a celebrity admit to more than they have to?”

Hilton said that Ellen DeGeneres is unlikely to be fired from her talkshow anytime soon, and is also not likely to quit, because it still makes too much money for all involved – even with a drop in ratings.

“She’s not going to get fired, nor is she going to quit; she’s signed up for multiple seasons. There is too much money being made by everyone involved with her show and, at the end of the day, that is what Hollywood cares about the most.”