Gay comedian’s brutal read of Mike Pence receiving the coronavirus vaccine will make you spit take

Mike Pence gets the COVID-19 vaccination

Gay comedian Randy Rainbow has read the soon-to-be former vice president Mike Pence to filth – and gay Twitter is here for it.

Pence is largely reviled by queer people for his anti-LGBT+ views, including his staunch opposition to same-sex marriage and his support of conversion therapy.

The vice president, who claimed that panic about a second wave of coronavirus was “overblown” in June, was given the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on live television on Friday (18 December) – and Randy Rainbow didn’t miss his chance to stick the knife in.

Sharing a photo of Pence receiving the vaccine, Randy Rainbow wrote: “Vice president Pence is truly courageous. Most gay men with those arms would never go sleeveless on national television.”

Others were quick to chime in with their own jokes at Pence’s expense.

While others questioned his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and wondered why he should be among the first in line to get the vaccine.

Mike Pence has long been seen as an enemy of the LGBT+ community by many queer people – and the vice president has not been shy in expressing his anti-LGBT+ views.

Mike Pence is an enemy of the LGBT+ community

He is perhaps most reviled for his support of conversion therapy, a dangerous and discredited practise that has been rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health organisation for decades.

On the archived website for Pence’s 2000 congressional campaign, he suggested that funding for HIV prevention programming should be suspended and instead diverted to organisations that “provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behaviour”.

While campaigning to be vice president he repeatedly declined requests to disavow the comments or clarify his point of view.

After being elected he attempted to rewrite history, claiming that he never actually supported the practise — even though his website had directly called for the therapy.

He has also been a staunch supporter of “religious freedom” and has voted against LGBT+ rights throughout his political career.

In a 2016 interview he was unable to answer when asked if should be legal to fire people because of their sexuality.

“Yes or no: do you believe gay and transgender people should be able to be fired from their jobs just for that reason only?” he was asked. After an awkward ten-second silence, Pence attempted to stall, responding: “It’s a great privilege to be your governor.”